Do You Bolt When the Honeymoon Phase is Over?

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honeymoon phaseHello. I’m Sandy Weiner, and I’m a recovering romantic adrenaline junky. Allow me to explain. My pre-marriage dating history was checkered with short smokin’ hot relationships. They usually lasted up to 3 months. I was addicted to the high of early romance. I loved the chemical rush of those first months, the “honeymoon phase”. When the high was over and reality reared its ugly head, the flaws of the relationship emerged. And bam, the relationship would be over in a flash.

Another reason my relationships crashed and burned was that I was a “jumper”. I would dive into relationships, straight into the deep end. I was drawn to a guy by the butterflies I felt. I knew nothing about how to vet the men I dated to make sure we were really compatible. And I often missed signs that he was not a good guy. Yes, I was in my twenties, and love seemed like a crapshoot. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

My cross-country trip during the honeymoon phase…

In my early twenties, I traveled cross-country with a “boyfriend” I had been dating for only two weeks! What a disaster that turned out to be. Not the trip itself. That was incredible. What a fabulous opportunity to travel and camp out in the National Parks across this gorgeous country. But the trip would have been so much less stressful had I taken the time to get to know this guy before agreeing to travel together for three weeks.

Three days into the trip, while camping out under the Colorado stars, I got this awful feeling that I had made a big mistake. Find out what happened next by clicking on the original article in Better After 50.


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