Do You Give More Love Than You Get?

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If you tend to give more love than you get, this video is for you. Learn how to create more balanced relationships.

There’s always give and take in a relationship. But if you give more love than you get, the relationship begins to become unbalanced. And that leads to big issues that are hard to repair. In this video, I share signs of over-giving, the consequences of giving more than you get, and how to restore balance if you give more than you get in relationships.

Do you give more love than you get?

Signs of over-giving

  • You’d do anything for them, but they wouldn’t do the same for you
  • You do most of the talking
  • You know their favorite things, but they don’t know yours
  • You say things like, “It’s okay” or “That’s just the way they are” when they don’t come through for you

The consequences of giving more love than you get

  • You’re drained
  • You become resentful over time
  • You give permission to your partner to be selfish

How to restore balance if you give more love than you get

  1. Discover why you’re an over-giver 
  2. Think before you give
  3. Ask for help
  4. Set new agreements with your partner about them doing more
  5. Assess whether you should stay in this relationship

Notice how your partner responds to your requests for stepping up in the relationships. Give them a set time to make those changes. If they begin to give more and the balance is restored, the relationship will become more equatable. If they don’t make any changes, it might be time to reassess this relationship.

Once you realize and amend your own pattern of over-giving, all of your relationships will become healthier, from friendships to family to work relationships.

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