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Don't Use Your Real Name as Your Screen Name in Online Dating - Last First Date | Last First Date

Don’t Use Your Real Name as Your Screen Name in Online Dating

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online datingWhy You Should NOT Listen to Match.com About Using Your Real Name as Your Screen Name in Online Dating

Last week, Match.com sent out an email to all members. Here’s what it said:

Challenge #1

Change your username

You’ll give yourself a better shot at getting noticed during our busy season. Because profiles with real names are way more approachable than profiles with usernames.

Here’s what I have to say about that….

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DON’T use your real name as your screen name. Here’s why you don’t use your real name as your screen name in online dating:

Giving your real name gives away private information before you’ve build rapport.

I don’t know why Match thinks this is a good idea.

Keep your screen name as is. And if you don’t have a screen name that describes your personality, this simple exercise will help.

Along with your profile photo, your screen name is the first thing a potential suitor will see. This is a valuable opportunity to stand out from the crowd in online dating. Most people’s screen names are the default member numbers they were given when they joined the online dating site.

Which would draw you in – 204458310 or Gr8fulGal? A descriptive screen name gives a potential love match a window into your personality. He’ll want to click on your profile and learn more about you.

Secrets to creating a catchy username/screen name

1. Combine your interests. You can merge two hobbies or activities you enjoy as your screen name. For example, if you love to travel and bake, your screen name could be TravelingBaker. Are you into meditation and art? How about OmPainter? Have fun, and play with combining two things you love.

2. Combine your interests + a personality trait. You can make up a silly word that describes a few of your interests or personality traits. For example, BowlingBarrista or SmilingOptimist. I’m SweetStrongSpicy. This drives a lot of attention to my profile. Many men have said that it describes my personality very well. That’s the type of reaction you want from a man you’re interested in, right?

3. Stay away from anything too sexual. Don’t use a sexy screen name like GoodinBed or SexyafterSixty – unless you’re online just for sex. Then by all means, be as SexiLicious as you like!

4. Don’t use your real name. Usernames like Sally102 or DebbieDancer give away too much personal information too soon. I’m amazed at how many men and women use their real names in a screen name. And now Match is encouraging this? Don’t do it. Your name is private, and you don’t want to give it away before you’ve developed a bit of rapport and trust with your potential match.

Exercise for creating your unique screen name

Write one list of adjectives that describe you. Make a second list of hobbies, interests, favorite travel destinations, etc. Then combine them in several ways to create your unique screen name. Have fun!

What’s your screen name? Please share below!


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