Don’t Wrap Your Life Around a Man

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wrap your life around a manWhen a woman abandons herself for her boyfriend, she is heading down a dangerous path. This is one of the most common mistakes I see single women over 40 make. Actually, it’s a mistake I see single women of any age make. I understand what it’s like to twist yourself into a pretzel for a man. I’ve been there. I was guilty of this type of self-abandonment for a man throughout my twenties. When I met a man I was very attracted to, I’d often give up my own needs for him. I’d drop plans with friends when he made a last minute date to see me. I’d keep my feelings and needs hidden, fearing that he’d reject me if he knew how I really felt. I wouldn’t let him know that I wanted to be exclusive, because I thought that would feel like pressure to him. As a result, I’d be anxious and feel devalued when I imagined he was seeing other women. I’ve spent the past 5 years studying what makes relationships work and how to make love last. Relationships are complex. There are many components to a loving relationship that lasts. But what I know for sure is that you must begin by first loving and honoring yourself. If you don’t know and appreciate your own value, how will he? So please don’t wrap your life around a man! This video that I filmed for Pink Wisdom tells you what to do instead.

Don’t wrap your life around a man

How can a woman avoid wrapping her life around a man? Check out these tips and let me know what you think.




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