Empowering Women to Manifest Their Destiny

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Empowering WomenMy podcast guest, Mary B. Morrison, believes in empowering women to manifest their destiny…in life, at work, and in love. Check out this episode!

My podcast guest, New York Times best-selling author Mary “HoneyB” Morrison, believes in the importance of empowering women to manifest their own destiny. She has published 23 books bestsellers with the underlying theme of female empowerment. Morrison founded Healing Her Hurt, Incorporated, a nonprofit that promotes the emotional, physical and financial health of marginalized women and girls by providing self-empowerment tools, resources and education. In 2010 and 2014, Mary also produced a play based on her novel, Single Husbands, which she wrote under her pseudonym, HoneyB.

Check out highlights below, and listen to/download episode #318: Empowering Women to Manifest Their Destiny.

Empowering Women to Manifest Their Destiny

What happened in your life that inspired you to work in the field of empowering women?

I was raised by my great aunt, a strong, independent woman who raised us instead of my parents. My biological mother was abused by my father, and she eventually committed suicide. I said to myself, “I’m not going to be that woman. I’m going to empower women to make choices in their lives out of self-empowerment.”

More women need to be vocal about what they want [in relationships]. Stop catering to men. The chef is a cook, the nurse is a caretaker. The woman does so much, she’s overwhelmed.

When I had my son, I told my husband, “When I’m on maternity leave, I’ll take care of my child. When I go back, you’ll have to help with the care.” That allowed him to bond with his son.

You can have it all, but not all at the same time. We need to be conscious of the choices we make.
I had the best relationship of my life years ago. I was also very busy. My son lived with his father for a year, which gave me more freedom to have that relationship. When he came back to live with me, I reprioritized my life, and the boyfriend was last on the list. We broke up, because he wasn’t my top priority. Today, I would have made more time for him.


Can women have a successful career and be in a successful relationship?

A lot of times, women sacrifice their dreams for a relationship. I wouldn’t do that. I heard on Oprah, if you self-publish a book and sell 10,000 copies, you will get a book deal. That’s what I did. I was focused, writing every single day with a vision. The title was, Soulmates Dissipate.


How are you empowering women to have the relationship they want?

Know what you want and ask for it. Stand firm on what you want.

I believe that being in love is the best space to be in the universe. Love is empowering. Having someone there to appreciate, love, and support you, will pick you up if you fall—that’s the best place to be.

I’m single right now, because I need a man who can meet me where I’m at. Being nice won’t make him do right!


What final tip can you share to help our listeners go on their last first date?

Stay happy. Don’t lose your happiness in a relationship. Your bright smile and magnetic personality…don’t ever change that. If it’s changing because of what he wants or expects, have the conversation right there. Live your dreams, and stop putting your life on hold.

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