Empowerment Is The Path to A Healthy Relationship

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Relationship expert, Barry Price, believes that empowerment is the key to having the healthiest relationships. Tune in to hear Barry’s excellent tips!

Barry Price teaches women about empowerment in relationships. He is a Relationship Expert, trained by renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel. He started at eight-years-old by helping his single mom through her relationship ups-and-downs. He brings empathy and a male perspective as he teaches women how to be empowered in relationships, Barry has helped thousands of powerful women create healthy, empowered relationships.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– Why it’s challenging for powerful women to find love

– The difference between powerful and empowerment

– The type of man an empowered woman seeks

– The keys to strong, successful women finding love

Empowerment Is The Path to A Healthy Relationship

How did you get started as a relationship coach?

I loved my mom and wanted to see her happy. My parents divorced when I was four. My mom was powerful and vivacious, but she had some unhealed stuff when it came to men. I watched her go through the roller coaster of dating, and I wanted to help.

Why do you coach powerful women on empowerment?

When I began coaching, I was marketing to guys, but I had more powerful women who were interested in my support. I can make the greatest impact on women. I get what they’re going through. I care so much about empowerment, helping women get the partner they deserve. 

What does empowerment have to do with dating and relationships?

The more a woman can be empowered, the better her relationships will be. I help her ask herself powerful questions to step more fully into her authentic self; “Who have I been in my past relationships?” “Who do I need to be?” “Who am I when I’m not putting a wall up?” After we take care of the internal, we can focus on the external.

What’s the difference between a powerful woman and an empowered woman?

Empowerment and power can be very misconstrued. We have different sides to our energy. If the feminine role model in a family is dis-empowered, it can lead us to believe that being in masculine energy is empowered. Feminine energy can feel weak. There’s nothing more powerful than an empowered feminine. It’s having both energies balanced. Know when to call upon each energy. True empowerment is complete self acceptance. Powerful women can struggle with the feminine side.

Why do powerful women attract boys but empowered women attract men?

If you’re massively in your masculine energy, you’ll attract men who are in their feminine energy. To change that, Go to Stop Being His Mommy, Date Men Not Boys. Email Barry at barry@healthyempoweredrelationships.com to get your copy.

What are the 5 M’s to tell the difference between men and boys?

  1. Maturity. Emotional literacy, talks and processes through his feelings. Socially mature. 
  2. Mission. Defined sense of purpose. His work is meaningful to him.
  3. Masculine. Healthy versions of the masculine. Takes on challenges. 
  4. Myself. Knows himself and his boundaries. 
  5. Makes you feel safe. Depends on what safety represents to you. Financially, emotionally, etc.

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