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Congratulations for giving yourself this beautiful gift of love! 

Program Details (Mark Your Calendar)

First Month

August 13th and 27th at 12 PM ET


  • Learn how to love yourself first---without guilt!
  • Dig deeper into your love blocks.
  • Be more confident with men.
  • Outline the unhealthy patterns in past relationships.

Second Month

September 10th and 24th at 12 PM ET


  • Quiet the negative voices and limiting beliefs for good!
  • Access your highest self throughout the dating process.
  • Learn to easily work through self-sabotage, so you can respond to tough situations calmly.

Third Month

October 8th and 22nd at 12 PM ET


  • Stop dating the same guy with a different face! 
  • Become crystal clear as to the qualities of the right man for you.
  • Learn how to quickly know if you should stay or go.

Fourth Month

November 12th and 26th at 12 PM ET


  • Learn how to truly understand men. 
  • Discover how to powerfully speak up, no matter how challenging the situation.
  • Learn to set clear boundaries.

Fifth Month

December 10th and 17th at 12 PM ET


  • Online dating pro tips to help you find love online.
  • Re-write your profile, and have it reviewed by me.
  • Super tips for where to meet men offline. 

Sixth Month

January 7th and 21st PM ET


  • Learn how to stay optimistic throughout the dating process.
  • Discover how to let go of trying to control the outcome.
  • Attract  in EPIC love!!

Here are your valuable bonuses!

Bonus #1

Learn the Secrets to Setting Healthy Boundaries 

Click here (or click the image below) to download your FREE copy of 20 Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries in Dating. It's a small guide, jam packed with tips and tools to make boundary-setting a cinch! 

Bonus #2

How to Stop Dating Narcissists and People Who Hurt You 

Click below to download this book by Sandy Weiner. Tons of great tips on how to avoid emotionally dangerous men!

Bonus #3

Participate in Our Private Secret Facebook Community 

Most of the learning and growth happens between sessions. That's why this private group is so important. Connect to your fellow group members and me whenever you need to talk about anything. 

Bonus #4

Ace the Date Course 

Click here (or click the image below) to download your FREE copy of my incredible course, Ace the Date! (NOTE: It's password protected, and the PW is acethedate).

Bonus #5

Overcoming Fears Course 

Click here (or click the image below) to download your FREE copy of my valuable course, How to Overcome Fears in Dating and Relationships (NOTE: It's password protected, and the PW is nofear).