You deserve a loving relationship 
with a quality man.

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What if you could speed up the process of finding and attracting him, while minimizing any confusion or heartache?

Stop wasting time with men who lie, bore you, or push for sex before you're ready.

Quickly pick up on the signs of the wrong men, and walk away with your dignity intact.

Truly value yourself so that you know how to attract the quality man you deserve.

You CAN! When you date as a Woman of Value.

* When you know your true worth, you will not let just any man into your life.

He'll have to qualify himself first.

* He'll have to show you that he's someone worthy of your heart and soul

* You'll quickly walk away from men who don't inspire you.

* And you'll become so much more irresistible to the quality men you like.

Is any of the following true for you?

* You seem to attract the wrong men.

* You think there are no good men in your area.

* You believe you're too old for love.

* You keep falling for men who turn out to be unavailable, selfish, and hurtful.

* You can't figure out why true love has passed you by.

* You believe dating is exhausting and soul-sucking!

Imagine yourself in the arms of a kind, loving, sexy hot man...

How would that make you feel? Safe? Happy? Beautiful? Deeply and exquisitely loved?

That delicious feeling can be yours. Because there are good men out there. 

People of all ages, shapes, and sizes fall in love every day.

And I'm going to tell you a secret---your guy is out there, too. 

You may not believe me, but as a dating coach, I've seen women who were 50, 60, 70, even 85, find amazing partners.

Why are you still single? You either haven't met him yet, or you have, and you don't even realize it.

So....if he's out there, why aren't you with him?

It comes down to this: in dating and relationships, you probably don't value yourself enough, and you aren't bringing enough of your authentic self to your dating life. 

The good news is: You are 100% in control of changing your success in love!

Once you know the secrets to becoming a woman of value, the good men will flock to you like a moth to a flame.

That's exactly what you'll learn in the Woman of Value Love Mastery Program. 


"I have a track record of choosing men who are emotionally unavailable---my ex-husband did not appreciate, validate, express emotion, nurture me---I felt numb and as though I didn’t exist at all.

Thanks to our work together, I’m going to express my feminine side as well as express my emotions, allow myself to be vulnerable, and let men into my heart. I will not accept men into my life who don’t appreciate and adore me for all that I am.

Thank you for all you do, Sandy!"

Rachel California

You're not still single because...

You're not thin enough. Or because your thighs have cellulite.

You're not single because you have more wrinkles than last year.

It's not because you're not smart enough, pretty enough, witty enough, or rich enough.

It's because you haven't learned how to work through the patterns and BLOCKS that have kept you from love.
And it's because you haven't yet brought your fabulous TRUE self to the men you're dating.
When you share your unique character traits and more of your inspirational self, you will become MAGNETIC to the man of your dreams.

Maybe you're not speaking up when something doesn't feel right. Or you are expressing yourself---in a way that makes a man want to run away. I used to do that...yikes!

Or you didn't grow up in a home where you were taught to value yourself enough.

Your past experiences taught you that you had to guard your heart to stay safe from heartache. That couldn't be further from the truth!

Hi, I'm Sandy Weiner!
sandy weiner

I know what it's like to be in the wrong relationship, to give up your value, to be misunderstood in both life and love. I spent 23 years in an unfulfilling marriage, because I didn't believe there were any better men out there. When I got divorced, I set out to find the secrets to lasting love. What I discovered is that love begins within. When you value yourself, when you know without a doubt how you want people to treat you (because you treat yourself with love), and in doing so, you will begin to attract the right men into your life.

Once I learned to strengthen myself on the inside, I was able to remove my guards and soften my approach to men. Over time, men began to respect and cherish me. I wasn't anxious anymore, wondering if a man would call after sex. Now, I'm in charge of my love life. I don't give my heart to any man unless he meets my standards! And that makes me more attractive to the men I like...

I'm the founder and Chief Love Officer of Last First Date. I'm a dating and empowerment coach for women over 40, a communications expert, and an online dating pro.

I love helping women discover their true value in love and life. I am on a mission to start a woman of value revolution, helping thousands and thousands of women value themselves first.

My divorce was the catalyst for realizing my strengths and true potential, and I'd love to help you discover the magic that happens when you truly value yourself.

Once you've done this important work in my Woman of Value Love Mastery Program, you will easily attract and connect deeply with your true authentic partner.

With love,​

Be the Woman of Value who attracts and keeps a high value man by joining...  

Here's What's in the Program:

First Month


  This is where you discover truths about yourself to gain the core confidence to date as the woman of value you already are!

  • Identify your family blueprint and how it has influenced your love life.
  • Discover your attachment style and its role in choosing your romantic partners.
  • Dig deeper into your love blocks.
  • Outline the unhealthy patterns in your past relationships.

Second Month


Learn powerful exercises to quiet the negative voices that try to keep you from having the love you deserve.

  • Quiet the negative voices and limiting beliefs for good!
  • Discover and access your highest self throughout the dating process.
  • Easily process your self-sabotage, so you can respond to tough situations from a calm state of mind. 

Third Month


Ditch your old list! In this step, you'll discover your absolute must-haves and deal breakers on the road to love.

  • Stop dating the same guy with a different face! 
  • Become crystal clear as to the qualities of the right man for you.
  • Learn how to quickly tell if you should stay or go.

Fourth Month


Discover the truth about how men operate, and learn how to communicate effectively and set clear boundaries.

  • Learn how to truly understand men. 
  • Discover how to gracefully and powerfully speak up, no matter how challenging the situation.
  • Get better at setting clear boundaries to keep you safe and sane in ALL your relationships.

Fifth Month


Improve your online and offline dating skills. Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks for you to meet your match.

  • Online dating pro tips to help you find love online.
  • Re-write your profile, and have it reviewed by me!
  • Super tips on where to meet men offline (and how to create a romantic connection). 

Sixth Month


Should you stay or should you go? Learn how to let go of the wrong men on the road to your last first date.

  • Learn how to stay optimistic throughout the dating process.
  • Discover how to let go of trying to control the outcome.
  • Attract the love you want!

You'll Get...

12 Hours of Live Group Training + Q&A

I will train you twice a month for 6 months in a group coaching call. You'll be guided through every challenge in dating, plus you'll have the support of a wonderful community of women. 

All sessions are by video conference, so it's important to have a web cam and high speed internet. Calls are recorded, so don't worry if you can't attend every one. 

Six 30-Minute Private Sessions

You'll get six 30-minute private recorded coaching calls with me---one each month. Our calls will take you deeper into your personal journey to true love. Sessions are via video conferencing, and you can call in from anywhere in the world. 

Valuable Support Guides and Exercises

In addition to your group and private coaching, you'll receive valuable exercises, handouts, and support articles.

These will help further the learning and reinforce the lessons in this exclusive program.

And there are also valuable bonuses, (Because I always over-deliver)

Bonus #1

Learn the Secrets to Setting Healthy Boundaries 

Get a FREE copy of 20 Tips for setting healthy boundaries in dating. It's a small guide, but it's jam packed with tips and tools to make boundary-setting a cinch! 

Bonus #2

Free Book on How to Stop Dating Narcissists and People Who Hurt You

In this book by Sandy Weiner, you will learn how to recognize the signs of narcissists and emotionally dangerous men so you can finally stop letting them into your life.  

Bonus #3

Participate in Our Private Online Community 

Most of the learning and growth happens between sessions. That's why this private group is so important. Connect to your fellow group members and me whenever you need to talk about anything. 

Bonus #4

Ace the Date Course 

Get a FREE copy of my content-rich course, co-hosted with my friend Bobbi Palmer. It will forever improve your dating success!  

Bonus #5

Overcome Your Fears! 

Get a FREE copy of my course on how to overcome fears in dating and relationships. This will be a valuable addition to your dating toolkit!

"I needed to increase my self-love, with the knowledge that a man would be fortunate to have me in his life, not only the other way around. Through specific exercises and visualizations Sandy helped me internalize this in a way that made a difference.  

I began to attract men in a way I never had before and relate to them as myself. Sandy is solid not only as a professional, but trustworthy as a human being. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll learn essential life and love skills as your self-worth increases, and you’ll relate to men in a whole new way.”

Debra New York

"I learned to trust my intuition. My turning point came when I was able to tell from early on the telltale signs of a dysfunctional relationship. I let that man go with dignity. I saved myself from heartache. I was never able to do this before being coached by Sandy!  I met the greatest guy and we’ve been together for two years. Sandy, you changed my life!!”

Ella - Connecticut

"It’s easy for me to talk to men without judging myself or them. I’m not pining away for someone to rescue me from myself, but sharing myself with others.

A light inside has been turned on and I’m sharing the real me with the world! Thank you, Sandy, for being who you are and giving your gifts to those in need!”

Maureen - Washington

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Love this program...or get your money back!

Try the Woman of Value Love Mastery Program risk-free for 30 days, and if you attend the sessions, do the homework, and do not receive any value at all, just send us a message and we'll refund your first month.

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