• Are you confused about how to NAVIGATE ONLINE DATING?
  • Have you been dating online for a while, but you haven't found any QUALITY MEN?
  • Are you wondering how to SCREEN OUT the wrong men to conserve your time and energy?


We need EMOTIONAL CONNECTION now more than ever. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a partner - someone to comfort you, to love and support you, and to binge-watch Netflix and eat chocolate together (or is that just me)?

I can show you how to date in a way that helps you
get to know men on a much deeper level. 

More intimacy and depth and more courting to slowly get to know each other. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

But, it’s not just about getting online and chatting with every potential romantic match. There’s a much more effective way to sift, sort, and ‘court’ successfully, and it involves the right skillset and mindset.

Join me and learn how to Find Love Online! 

  • WHAT: A 4-week comprehensive virtual LIVE dating course
  • WHEN: Sorry, this program is closed. Please sign up for the wait list, and you'll be notified next time we launch.
  • WHERE: From the comfort of your home, via Zoom webcast
  • WHO: Women who are ready to learn my PROVEN success strategies for improving your online dating skills, creating deeper connections and finding love online
  • All sessions recorded and sent the next day in case you can't attend them all LIVE

What previous students have to say: 

Just do it! I hadn’t dated since the 80’s—think big hair & shoulder pads. Sandy’s course helped me firm up my “must haves” and “deal breakers”, craft an interesting dating profile, pick the best profile pictures, and select a site appropriate for me.  With Sandy’s guidance and the group’s support,  I successfully went on my first (socially distant walking) date in over 30 years!

- Michelle, Florida

I struggled with how to start communicating with men online and felt insecure about never being married. This course gave me many great ideas about how to start conversations and gave me confidence about how to speak about my relationship history. Sandy’s inspiring and calming approach provided hope and helped me change my mindset around dating. I now have confidence and more dating success. I highly recommend this course — learning from others in the class along with Sandy’s tips were invaluable and will help you on your dating journey.


- JPP, Manhattan

I was hesitant to get involved in online dating, having questions about safety, what to say in a profile, how to respond to messages, and more. I have found support and so many opportunities to learn to date more effectively by being part of this class. If you have any hesitation, questions, or concerns about how to start to meet men online, this is the class for you.

- Nancy S.

I am a widow and have been out of the dating market for a couple of decades. The online dating world was a scary mystery to me. Taking Sandy’s online dating course gave me the confidence and knowledge to create viable lists for must-have qualities and deal-breakers. This was invaluable in my journey to figure out what I want in a future partner. Having her vet my dating profile for an online dating site was priceless. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course for those of you out there who might need to have a bit of a push to engage with the online dating experience.

- Patti, California

I’d like to offer some encouragement to anyone who says they can’t find dates due to their age.

I took Sandy's class in January 2021, changed up my profile and rethought the way I approached online dating.

A few weeks later, I started texting with a man 4 years younger than me who "liked" me on Plenty of Fish. He's an inch shorter than me (I'm 5'11" and never dated anyone shorter or younger before this class), he only had one terrible photo, but a decent profile/bio.

He asked me out to dinner, and it was wonderful! We had so much in common, and he immediately asked me out again. He showed interest, he was polite, he listened to me and was forthcoming about his life. 

He's a keeper! He continues to show up for me in every way.  We bought an RV to travel together, and we just purchased land to build our future home when all our kids are off to college.

He makes me a priority, makes me feel loved and safe, and he's open and vulnerable with me. Oh, and he's actually a nice looking guy, trim and athletic and can keep up with me when we hike and kayak.

Thanks again, Sandy, for helping me focus on the important stuff, letting go of unnecessary deal breakers, writing a good positive profile and realizing I needed to step it up in the communications department.

- AnneLena

“Find Love Online” provided trusted safe support and got me out of my head and into taking action to find love again. 

I have learned  so much: how to express myself to attract the relationship I want and concrete advice about writing a profile, selecting pictures and engaging with men. The other women in the course were great -- it helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. 

I got back online and have had two dates already and several other connections. I learn from each one and can reflect on what I can do better. I highly recommend this course if you want to be more successful when it comes to dating!

- Karen, Massachusetts

This class has been amazing for me!

I have changed the way I interact with men. I've talked with 3 men on the phone, been on 3 first dates and I'm going on a second date tomorrow night with a very nice man who ticks all my boxes.

It's raining men! The men I used to end up going on a date with were just interested in my money or sex.

Thanks again Sandy. This has been invaluable for me.

- Judy, California

Hands down, the Course Workbook is the most thorough and helpful you will find about online dating.

Sandy gives you lots of scripts and guidance on how to dig a little deeper into your limiting beliefs & fears. Very helpful to me. Plus profile tips, photo tips, conversation tips, etc., etc.

If you are new to online dating or needing a little nudge (like me), this course has it all!!

- Leslie, Washington

I highly recommend this course!

First time ever doing online dating. Was kicking and screaming all the way, but when Sandy coached me into writing a good profile and choosing photos to post, oh boy, I was on my way! I feel like I can now enjoy the process. I even learned about myself and what I want along the way.

Sandy gives great tips that can engage and intrigue a man online.

- Theresa, Arizona

You'll Learn How To...

  • Build the CONFIDENCE, SKILLS, AND STRATEGIES to be a successful dater
  • Take the FEAR AND DREAD out of online dating by adapting a healthier mindset
  • Create an OUTSTANDING ONLINE PROFILE to attract the right men
  • MESSAGE MEN in a way that's fun, feminine, and authentic to you (and irresistible to men)
  • Give GOOD PHONE - even if you hate talking on the phone
  • Update your PROFILE PHOTOS and stand out from the crowd
  • Ask great DATING QUESTIONS to build intimacy and quickly know if there's a true connection

What's in the Course...

Week One
  • Define Your True Must-Haves and Deal Breakers
  • Choose the Best DATING SITES
  • Create an Outstanding PROFILE 
  • Choose Photos that Represent the Authentic You 
Week Two
  • How to Write MESSAGES that Get Responses
  • How to Transition from TEXT to PHONE CALL to First Date
  • Learn What to Say on the First Phone Call to Create Enough Interest for Him to Schedule a First Date
Week Three
  • Learn When to Stay and When to Go
  • Discover creative Ways to Make Dating Fun and Meaningful
  • Know How to Handle Online Dating Challenges
  • Learn to Set Clear Boundaries and Dating Standards
Week Four
  • How to Find Quality Men in Real Life
  • How to Speak Up and Have Tough Conversations
  • Mindfulness Tools to Stay Calm When Dating Gets Frustrating
  • How to Create a Dating Plan to Set You Up For Success

PLUS Three Valuable Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Video On How to Look Your Best on Camera

My personal stylist, Scarlett De Bease, shares excellent tips on what colors to wear for your skin tone, which accessories are best for the shape of your face and neck length, how to light yourself so you look your best on virtual dates, and what makeup to wear so you can ace those video chats and feel your best every time.

Bonus #2: Private Coaching Session With Me!

The first 5 women to join will get a 30-minute private session with me. Valued at $300, you'll have private time to discuss any challenge, and you'll get laser-focused support.

Bonus #3: Private Group Forum!

The support continues in a private Facebook forum so you can get feedback on profiles and pics. You'll be able to get personal support between sessions, adding an additional layer of value to the course.

Meet Your Instructor

Sandy Weiner, the founder of Last First Date, is a world-renowned dating & relationship coach, podcast host, author, and TEDx speaker. She provides the tools to increase self-worth, understand and connect to the hearts of men, and learn how to navigate the modern dating world.

Dubbed the “man whisperer” for her ability to translate “man-speak”, Sandy helps with every aspect of dating, from online dating profile makeovers to the deeper inner work of attracting and sustaining a long-term healthy relationship. Sandy wants you to go on YOUR LAST FIRST DATE!

Sandy's teaching approach is clear, vulnerable, deep and thoughtful.

The most helpful thing for me was to learn what I needed in a partner, and not be afraid to hold out for it. Identifying my must-haves and deal breakers brought so much clarity.

Through this course, it became clear that I compromised far too much in the past. Thank you Sandy for helping me reach that clarity. I enjoyed this course and highly recommend it!

- Vivianne, New Mexico

You understand the challenges of the current dating environment after the age of 40.

Thank you Sandy, for creating such an incredible program! With your amazing practical tools, I gained confidence in responding effectively to messages and learned how to look at a man's profile with a discerning eye.

You helped me take my boring impersonal profile essay that did not represent who I was at all, and cleverly created a fantastic profile that made a man want to know more about me. I highly recommend the Find Love Online course!

- Alice, New York