Finding Beauty in the Breakup

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beauty in the breakup

My podcast guest, Devon Loomis, helps people find the beauty in the breakup. Every breakup teaches us many things about ourselves and others. Listen in!

Devon Loomis helps people find beauty in the breakup. He’s the founder of and a breakup specialist. He helps people get over any ex. Devon offers a clear path to finding authentic love, utilizing effective processes and insights when nothing else seems to help.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What inspired Devon to find beauty in the breakup
  • Why you don’t get OVER breakup, you do THIS instead
  • The 4-step method to healing through a breakup
  • The biggest mistakes people make in a breakup
  • How to find beauty in the breakup
  • And more!

Listen to EP 401: Finding Beauty in the Breakup

What inspired you to become a breakup specialist?

People were coming to me for breakup support. I had gone through a deep breakup myself, and I went through a process that I now teach others.

How can someone know when a relationship is REALLY over?

We’re looking for partnership when it comes to romantic relationships. Both people need to show up. Relationships can force us to take responsibility for our internal world. It takes us into deeper levels of intimacy. If the other person is not willing to show up any more, it’s the end of the relationship. 

Bring the issues to the other person’s awareness when you notice something is off in the connection.

You say, “You don’t get OVER a breakup, you get THROUGH it”. Can you take us through your method of helping people get through a breakup?

  1. Accept that it’s over. 
  2. Grieve. Don’t block the process. 
  3. Look at the relationship. Why did it come into your life? What lessons do you need to learn? It came to teach you certain things.
  4. Discover the deeper qualities you’re searching for in partnership to prepare for your next relationship.

What are the biggest mistakes people make after a breakup?

Jumping into a new relationship. Looking for a quick fix before working through the process. 

Are there some relationships people never get over? If so, why is that?

I work with people who think they were soulmates with this one person, and it’s over. They think it’s the only soulmate they’ll ever have. I believe there’s more than one soulmate for each person. There is a way to process that and move on. 

How can you find closure if your ex never offered a clear ending?

It’s a confusing situation. We make meaning of things. Our mind wants to understand what they were thinking. We can create the reason why it happened. Write down the reasons why you think it ended. I do a process with people called interactive meditation. It’s like a form of hypnosis. We can see why things played out that way. 

What would you say to those who want to go on their last first date?

Listen to this show again. Go through the process, or you’ll be carrying that into your new relationship. 

If you prefer video, watch the show below.

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