Finding Love After 50

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love after 50

If you’ve given up on finding love after 50, listen to episode with Silke Schwarzkopf, host of 2nd Act TV to hear how she found love again!

Silke Schwarzkopf is the creator and host of 2nd Act TV, a YouTube channel focused on life, love and relationships after 50. A seasoned producer, Silke took a huge leap of faith shortly after her 50th birthday, left an unfulfilled 25-year marriage, and returned to her hometown in SoCal to produce a life-style show inspired by her evolving reality – how to recreate your life after 50! And 2nd Act TV was born.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why Silke created 2nd Act TV
  • How she found love again after divorce
  • Some challenges she faced in dating after 50
  • Why she and her beau live apart

EP 536: Silke Schwarzkopf – Finding Love After Fifty

Why did you decide to create 2nd Act TV after you turned 50?

I’m a producer by trade, and I love production. I was fifty, unhappy in my marriage, and decided to get divorced and move back to California. My girlfriends and I were all dealing with similar issues. I realized this was something so many people are going through, so I started the YouTube channel. Oprah’s producer liked the idea but said they wanted to skew younger.

How did you find love again after your divorce?

Paul and I are an online dating success story. We met ten years ago. My girlfriend saw him online when she was with me, and she winked at him. I thought he was a player. He sent me a message, and a few weeks later, we had our first date. We moved slowly. And it’s now 11 years later!

What are some of the challenges you faced in dating after 50?

I dated men who were all in. I was all in. The next thing I knew, they were all out. I learned not to get love bombed. These are strangers.

Being a producer, I made decisions and plans all the time, and I took that into my dating life. That scared one of the guys off, as he thought I’d be controlling.

I turned into the girl who could run off a guy in ten days. I said to one guy, “Oh my god, we have the same vitamins, the universe must have brought me the right guy!”

What I thought was being helpful and organized was perceived as overbearing.

Also, sex was challenging. Getting naked again. Painful sex. Impotence.

Your relationship is LAT. Tell us about that.

LAT is Living apart together: you’re in a committed relationship, but you retain your own residences. We recently bought a retirement home together, but we currently live apart. It works for us!

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date after 50?

Bring your best mindset to the table. Know you’re ready again, not to replace someone. Expect men to be good. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. And you’ll find love after fifty.

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