Finding Love on Facebook

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love on facebook

Have you ever searched for love on Facebook? I know several couples who met through friends of friends. Here’s how you can find love on Facebook, too!

I met a social media expert on Twitter. He told me he met his wife at a speed dating event. That started me thinking about the similarities between social networking and networking for dating. So, I was surprised when I found this Facebook message from a total stranger who was looking for love on Facebook. The timing couldn’t have been better—or stranger! 

Finding Love on Facebook

“How are you doing today? I am new to this new way of searching for love, unfortunately the e mails and winks I got are not the kind of woman I am looking for. I saw your profile and I liked what you said about yourself. Your profile is genuine and am sure we can be great friends to start. I want to learn more about you and hopefully meet someday. I work as a Civil Engineer and my job has taken far and wide around the globe. I would be deactivating my account from Here after sending you this note just in case you try to search for my profile. I don’t feel comfortable with my profile on here because of the series of funny e mails I got from people on here. If you want to get back at me you can reach me via my direct ID (email address inserted here).

I Would love to hear back from you.

Take Care.


I wonder how many women got messages from ‘Maurice’, the world traveling Civil Engineer? While this message is obviously spam, and I blocked him and did not message him back, I do think it’s important to think out of the box when it comes to finding love.

There are so many ways to find love in the 21st century; from dating sites and apps to Instagram and Facebook. We no longer have to rely on Aunt May to fix us up with her cousin’s uncle’s sister’s brother’s best friend. We can meet people through friend of friends, from real friends to Facebook friends.

So, if you are in search of love, get creative. Use the internet. Use social media. Next time you’re looking through your Facebook feed, play “I spy a cute guy (or gal)” and ask your friend about that person who caught your eye.

What creative ways have you used to meet a love interest?


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