Finding the Humor in Dating as a Single Mom

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dating as a single mom

What if you could find humor in dating as a single mom? That’s what Michele Traina does in her comedy routine. Listen to this episode!

Michele Traina is a comedian, actor, writer, and host of What’s Up NY. She’s also the creator of Divorce Diaries, a national one woman comedy show and TV series in development. Michele is a single mom born and raised in New Jersey who has been featured onstage with Chippendales Las Vegas, Wendy Williams, Tamron Hall, and with her theater company, Propbox Players.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is Divorce Diaries?
  • How to find humor in dating as a single mom
  • The best and worst romantic relationships post divorce
  • How being a single mom affects how she navigates the world of comedy
  • Why she struggles to find love

EP 574: Michele Traina – Finding the Humor in Dating as a Single Mom

What is Divorce Diaries?

It’s a lot of stories, a one woman comedy show that I perform. It’s the stories of my dating and life post-divorce.

How do you find humor in dating as a single mom?

My parents were a love at first sight couple, and I thought I’d fall in love with the first man I’d meet, which didn’t happen. I was touring as an actor and dancer and met my ex husband. After my divorce, I wanted to show my daughter what it is to live your personal legend. I went back to performing and have been dating and talking about it on stage ever since.

How does being a single mom affect how you navigate the world of comedy? 

It’s hard! I try to be a great mom and honor my career and goals so I can also be a good role model for her.

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

Be yourself. Don’t second guess yourself. Love yourself.

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