First Date Success Tips So You Can Ace Every Date!

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first date success

Learn some powerful first date success tips so you can ace every date, no matter what!

In this Blab (video live stream), my friend and colleague, Bobbi Palmer, founder of Date Like a Grownup, and I share super powerful tips for first date success. Did you know you can enjoy every date, no matter how much shorter he is than you though he’d be, or how much he wants to talk about his ex. Learn how to redirect conversations, and see every date as an opportunity, not a drudgery! Follow these tips, and if you really like the guy, he will ask you out again. 

First Date Success Tips

Here’s what we covered:

How to Prepare for a First Date

You can and should prepare for a first date just like you prepare for anything else that’s important in your life.

a. Prepare your stories (prepared statements about your divorce, never married, career changes, etc.)

b. Prepare your nuggets (your passions, your dreams, etc.)

c. Prepare your outfit, makeup, and the outer stuff

d. Prepare mentally (calm your nerves, leave work behind, manage expectations)


On the Date

a. How to make a great first impression (greeting, eye contact, body language, smile)

b. First date conversation tips (remove obstacles between you on the table, ask open ended questions, what to talk about, what not to talk about)

c. Managing the conversation (redirecting if he dominates conversation, what to do if he asks awkward questions)

d. How to end the date (Thank him, don’t take the lead for the next date but let him know you enjoyed it and would love to do it again, and let him know if he asks you’ll say yes)



P.S. If you liked these tips and want to go even deeper, check out our Ace the Date course. You’ll learn how to prepare your statements, how to manage your baggage, and so much more!

ace the date course


What was your biggest takeaway from the video? What will you do differently on the next date? Please share your thoughts below!




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