Five Assumptions to Stop Making in Dating

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five assumptions

In this video, I share five assumptions you must stop making if you’re searching for lasting love. Check it out!

Do you find yourself making a lot of assumptions about men? Dating in midlife can be challenging. Dating online can be even more challenging. We are meeting total strangers, and it’s easy to prejudge the men we meet.

But, having assumptions actually makes dating harder. We eliminate so many possible matches when we paint men with a broad brush.
In this video, I share five assumptions to stop making if you want to find love. Because your assumptions might be keeping you single!

Five Assumptions to Stop Making in Dating

Get clear about what stories you’re making up about all men so you can eliminate them. When you do that, you’ll also start meeting men who aren’t painting all women as the same.

If you are dating, here are five assumptions to stop making while trying to find the right partner.

1) Don’t assume you’re not his type or he’s not yours. Many men post a list of requirements on their profiles that you might think you don’t have. If you like his profile, reach out to him anyway. You might be the woman of his dreams…and he didn’t realize he needed someone just like you.

2) Don’t assume if he’s separated, he’s emotionally unavailable (or if he’s widowed, he IS available). There are many successful relationships that began when someone was separated. Learn more about the separation and emotional readiness of each man you meet.

3) Don’t assume if he’s much older or younger it means you’re not compatible. Compatibility is about far more than the number of years you’ve lived. Again, learn more about each man’s maturity level and whether they’re compatible with you.

4) Don’t assume attraction = compatibility. It’s easy to get swept away by physical attraction. But, just because you’re sexually attracted to someone doesn’t mean you’re compatible.

5) Don’t assume you have similar relationship goals. So many people get hurt because they assume they’re both on the same page. Discover whether the person you’re dating has the same relationship goals you do…before you get hurt six months or six years down the road!

Watch the video to learn the keys to stop making assumptions!

Have you ever made assumptions in a relationship or while dating? If so, please share in the comments below.


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