Flirting Tips Friday: Flirt With Your Cat!

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If you can flirt with Whiskers, you can flirt with anyone. Follow these flirting tips to learn how to flirt even if you hate flirting!

You probably flirt more than you think you do. But if you’re an introvert, you may not be so comfortable with the idea of flirting. I never was until after my divorce. I’ve realized that flirting is not just a sexually provocative act. For the most part, flirting is synonymous with fun. And if you are shy, you might need a few lessons on flirting.

How do you go from being self-conscious to flirting with flair? Practice, practice, practice! Flirt with everyone, even your cat! Yes, you read that right. You’ve heard the old saying, “Practice makes perfect”? Well, this is what I’m talking about, ladies. You need to get your flirt on before you even leave the house…

How do you get your sexy flirt on? 

It starts with your push-up bra. Are you wearing a stretched out ugly white bra? Hard to feel sexy in that old thing! How about a red lace push-up bra? Now that’s better! Wearing your granny panties? Or are you wearing those cute black undies? Your undergarments are your secret sexy reminders that you are beautiful and sassy, girl. No one else has to know. But just thinking about it can bring a naughty smile to your face, no matter if you’re at the cubicle or in a coffee shop. When you feel sexy, you become a little more flirty. And that’s attractive!

What are you wearing to work? Does your skirt have a slit? Are we wearing your heels? Your clothes shouldn’t be overly suggestive if you’re going to work, but you can definitely pull off the ‘sex-ertary’ look. Go for the sensual more than the sexual. You don’t want to invite a sexual harassment suit. You do want to feel flirty.

Flirt with your cat, the postman, and everyone else. Smile at your cat if you have one, and let your sexy self let loose when you’re alone at home. No one but you and Whiskers have to know, so have fun. Let it all hang out. When you’re out and about, flirt with the postman. Ask him a funny question. Tell him you like his shorts. Flirt with the cashier at the grocery store. Make a joke about the weather or an item in your shopping cart. Just have fun and share a smile with everyone.

Wake up every day with a smile on your face, and get out there and flirt. If you don’t feel it, fake it til you make it.

When you’re on your next date, flirting will come more naturally for you. You won’t be afraid of being nervous or not making your best first impression on a date. You WILL make a great impression, because you’ll be a natural expert flirt.

And there’s nothing sexier and more alluring than someone who flirts with flair!


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