Flirty Friday: The Top 2 Flirting Tips for Women

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What’s the best way to express your interest in a man? Work that body! Yes, body language speaks volumes when you want to attract the opposite sex. But what’s the best way to flirt with your body?


The answer is deceptively simple: 

#1: Smile

# 2: Make direct eye contact

Guys usually approach a woman only after she has made eye contact with him. One study showed that it takes about thirteen glances before the average guy swallows his inhibitions enough to approach a woman!

That may seem excessive, but it can be intimidating for many men to approach a woman.

So ladies, make sure to give him a big ol’ smile.  Whether a broad grin or a coy pursing of the lips, your warm smile reduces any ambiguity about your intentions. That’s the secret sauce that draws the man in and emboldens him to make that first move.

After he approaches, a woman makes her interest known in many ways.  She flips her hair, caresses her wineglass, licks her lips, rubs her neck, and positions her body towards the man of her interest.

Body language studies prove that behavior matters as much as, if not more than, looks. One study found that women who make thirty-five or more signals in an hour are approached by an average of four guys, whereas women who don’t signal, even if they’re prettier, often don’t get approached at all.

Looks matter less than flirty body language! If you need a confidence boost, just get your flirt on.  

Here’s to your fabulous, love-filled, flirtatious, man-magnet weekend!





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