Flirty Friday Tip of the Week: The dangling shoe!

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Today marks the launch of a brand new feature on Last First Date’s blog: Flirty Fridays. Every Friday I’ll bring you a new flirting tip. Feel free to email me your own flirting tips for consideration in upcoming Friday blogs.  Today’s tip comes from Denise Martin, owner of Good For You Coaching.

For the past ten years, Denise has been delivering seminars, workshops, and articles on body language, reading the nonverbal cues of others, training on communication skills, employee retention, and customer service for various organizations.  She will soon publish a book on gaining great communication skills and offers online trainings as well.

Her extensive work in communication skills and body language are what drew me to Denise. Yesterday, Denise shared her wisdom in an interview with me on how you can become more irresistible in love and life through better communication and flirting techniques.

I’ll be sharing her interview in an MP3 soon, but here’s a highlight from that call.

The Dangling Shoe

When you expose your full cleavage to a man, he might find you attractive. He might want to sleep with you. But will he consider you for a serious relationship? Probably not.

It’s much sexier to show a little bit of skin. Mystery and anticipation are sexy!

Denise told me that Geishas, all covered up in their Kimonos, would expose a little bit of their wrist as they served tea. This was considered to be very erotic to the men they were serving. A little skin goes a long way…

Same goes for the dangling shoe effect. As you can see in the photo, a shoe that dangles from your toe exposes most of your foot, leaving the toe concealed. Feet are a turn-on for many men, and the ‘concealed-but-revealed’ foot is sexy!

Try the dangling shoe and let me know what happens.

Happy flirty Friday!

Go out and find some love this weekend…






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  1. Wow… Great hint… Being a man myself I fully agree with Sandy that exposing cleavage only gives rise to the carnal instinct and makes a man go forward to bed the lady ASAP. A typical “Wham. Bam. Thank you Ma’am!” But a lady sitting cross legged and attractively playing with her stiletto makes our craving much deeper. It’s more erotic.

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