Follow Your YES for Lasting Love

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Want lasting love? Spiritual teacher and author, Ken Bechtel, shares his love secrets from his new book, Follow Your YES.

If you’re looking for lasting love, you’re going to want to listen to this episode of Last First Date Radio! My guest, Ken Bechtel, is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, speaker, and author of Follow Your YES, who has invested over 20 years in researching and refining what it takes to make room for you to bloom and find love in this busy world. Ken is on a mission to empower you to live the fulfilling life you came here to live. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

• How following your YES lead to more successful dating

• The easiest way to eliminate competition while looking for lasting love

• Eliminating this one thing leads to love, success and health faster than anything else

• How to turn “bad” dates into good things

• What guarantees success in dating?

EP 521: Ken Bechtel – Follow Your YES for Lasting Love

How does following your YES lead to more successful dating and lasting love?

It’s about your inner guidance and paying attention to that inner knowing. It’s about learning how to reconnect to that. We often follow our NOs or chase our MAYBEs. When it comes to dating, it plays out big time. Instead of going after what we’re ‘supposed’ to, we go after what we want.

What’s the easiest way to eliminate competition while looking for lasting love?

If you follow your YEs and are  true to yourself and your heart, you’re being uniquely you, so there’s no competition. Stop trying to be like someone else.

How do people find their unique” self?

You have to explore it for yourself. Notice how you feel about your choices. There’s inner authority and external authority. Our inner authority is our guidance. If it’s a should, it’s outer authority. It’s a feeling. It feels aligned. 

How can someone turn “bad” dates into good experiences?

Let’s call the bad dates NOs. They help you refine your YES, to refine what you’re looking for and moving towards. You have to let go of the story that what you want doesn’t exist or who you are is unlovable.

Formula for Following Your YES

  1. Tune into the feeling
  2. Release your resistance
  3. Ask ‘where am I now?’ and ‘where do I want to be’?

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

Go on your next first date. Don’t wait for your last first date. Keep going and refine what you’re looking for. Be open to the possibility it might be your last first date.

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