Friday Flirting Tips: Touch, Talk, Touch

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Ah, the human touch… it has the incredible power to attract and magnetize a man. But when the timing or intensity is off, it can have the opposite effect and actually repel your date. It’s all about reading his cues and knowing when and how to touch to show your interest. Does this whole topic make you cringe? Does it make you feel inauthentic or  that it’s just ‘not like me”? Maybe not! Remember your first crush in fourth grade? Did ‘Jason’ push you or pull your hair on the playground? That was his awkward way of saying, “I think you’re cute!” Fast forward a few decades, and we’re still employing the same flirting techniques. We just need to finesse them a bit for the more mature dater…

One of the best ways to let him know you’re attracted is to touch him while you’re talking. It goes something like this: TTT or talk, touch, talk.

The point is to show interest by touching lightly, but not to be overtly sexual. Remember not to get too intimate with your touch too soon if you want him to respect you and get to know you, not just your body!

4 Ways to Flirt by Touching

1. Here’s a typical first date scenario: You meet him for dinner. You’re engaged in a lively discussion about your trip to Thailand. You laugh and touch him lightly on the arm. He tells you about his son. You smile warmly and lightly touch his arm again.

2. Another way to touch without premature intimacy is to go dancing together. You can get a good sense of how his body feels and how well you fit together.

3. How about this? Take a walk after dinner, and lose your balance slightly, and lean up against him for a moment. I don’t know about you, but that happens to me pretty naturally when I’m wearing heels!

4. One final flirting tip: Touch yourself. Play with your hair. Stroke your neck or your arm while you’re talking. This will have a subtle yet powerful effect on him. He may not even be conscious of what’s happening for him, but by touching yourself, he’ll probably feel like touching you!

The most important thing is to relax and have fun when you’re out on a date. And work the magic of your touch into your conversation. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Happy flirting!




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