Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Obstacles in Dating

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Getting Unstuck

What keeps you from finding (and keeping) love? My guest, Darlene Corbett, helps people in getting unstuck so they can fall madly in love. Listen in!

My podcast guest, Darlene Corbett, is a Professional Speaker, Author and Licensed Therapist/Coach. Her expertise is helping people get “Unstuck.” She is a high-content speaker with an engaging style. Audiences leave with much enthusiasm and the tools to begin the process of getting unstuck.

Darlene has been in the people business for over thirty years. She has been quoted in Knox News, Bustle, and Best Life and has written many blogs which can be found on, LinkedIn, and Sixty and Me. Her book, Stop Depriving The World of You, was published by Sound Wisdom in November of last year.

Check out highlights below for episode #341: Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Obstacles in Dating.

Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Obstacles in Dating

What do you think is the biggest obstacle in the world of dating?

Everyone is capable of getting unstuck. There are many obstacles along the way, but we have to try to overcome it. Lack of trust and giving up are the two big ones.

People have a hard time being authentic. Trust is an issue, because there’s a lot of deception in the dating world. You can be cautious and examine, but don’t give up. It’s also important to be flexible and compromise.

How realistic are people as they navigate the world of dating?

Some people have expectations and criteria that are unrealistic, like finding someone with all the same activities you like. You can have different interests, which brings a richness to the relationship. Also, attraction can be an issue. What do you have to lose by going out for a cup of coffee?

The most important thing is how they treat you as a human being.

Can you share an exercise to help people in getting unstuck?

Focus your attention to try and change how you see the world, using the word UNSTUCK.

U: is for your uniqueness and gifts.

N: is for the new, not the past (which is over), but now and the future.

S: is for your strengths. Focus on your inner strengths.

T: is for makes you tenacious?

U: is for your uniqueness again.

C: is for what makes you creative.

K: is for knowledge.

Keep these in mind. Practice them. You can look in the mirror and state your uniqueness over and over.

Do you think it’s easier for men more than women to navigate the dating world?

It’s a challenge for both. Many think it’s easier for men. I think the problem is many men want a younger woman. But, that’s shifting. Cut the texting and talk on the phone.

[2:28: Listen to a story of hope about a woman over 70 who found love online.]

You never know if the next person you meet is going to be the one.

Darlene Corbett

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