Gratitude is Sexy, Especially in the Aftermath of a Crisis

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gratitude is sexy Listening to the news these past few days, I can’t help but feel grateful for what I have while so many are suffering greatly. I feel blessed to have a roof over my head, heat, delicious food, and a loving family. I feel lucky that I never lost power, even though my neighbors a block away have been out of power since Sunday. I am amazed that my home and property did not suffer damage. I am lucky that my biggest headache was removing the sticks and large branches that fell in my yard. Why is gratitude so important (and sexy), especially in the aftermath of a crisis?

There are many perspectives through which we can view our life experiences. I believe we are always at choice as to how to look at anything. And what we choose determines our level of happiness.

There is a saying in the Ethics of Our Fathers, “Who is happy? One who is happy with their lot.”

The happier we can be with whatever comes our way, the better our lives will be.

The challenge comes when you’ve experienced something devastating, such as a terrible diagnosis for yourself or a loved one, a huge financial loss, or the catastrophic loss of property and injury and loss of precious lives, such as  in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

It’s easy to focus on the loss. There’s the frustration and inconvenience of living in a home without power for a week. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to be in a dark cold home for days on end. But what if you focused on the kindness of those with power who opened their hearts and kitchens to those in need? What if you focused instead on what you DO have, what you’ve been blessed with?

Have you ever been on a date with someone who focused on how their ex ruined their life? Or how about the guy who was married three times and felt that each wife took advantage of his good nature? I am not diminishing the struggles of navigating through a divorce. What I am saying is that you have a choice as to how you look at the divorce, how you see your ex.

How about choosing to see the gift in the divorce? I love hearing that the children were the gift of a long marriage that didn’t work out. Or how about the fact that your ex taught you the importance of setting boundaries in future relationships? What a gift that is!

Gratitude and reframing crisis are very sexy. They draw you to a person, while complaining is a repellant.

What will you choose to focus on in the aftermath of the hurricane?

I’d love if you shared your gratitude list below.

Have a sexy, grateful, safe weekend!






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