Guiding Women at a Crossroads to the Next Stage

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women at a crossroads

My podcast guest, Dodi Lamm, is an expert in guiding women at a crossroads in life to the next stage. She shares great tips for getting unstuck!

My podcast guest, Dodi Lamm, is an expert in guiding women at a crossroads in life to the next stage. She has a license in social work and post-graduate training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Along the way she has amassed training in mindfulness meditation, CBT, as well as Positive Psychology. She is an adjunct professor in psychology. Dodi has developed an online course for Women at a Crossroads starting February 3rd. Sign up now at:

Check out the show notes and listen to/download Episode 382: Guiding Women at a Crossroads Into the Next Stage of Life.

Women at a Crossroads

What drew you to this work with women at a crossroads?

I’ve lived in many communities, and I saw women who seemed to be doing all the right things, but they weren’t happy. I didn’t want that to be me. I loved reading about strong women, which inspired me. In my private practice, I saw the theme of women who came to a crossroads where they needed to make a decision. They couldn’t always pinpoint what it was that made them unhappy. I saw patterns and helped them.

What type of situation might have a woman be a crossroads?

  • Divorce: knowing what kind of life you want next.
  • Empty nesters: having devoted your life to the kids and household, and you look at yourself asking who am I and what’s my purpose.
  • Someone who’s fired from a job: Maybe you says to yourself, “do I like this line of work?” “Do I want a different job?” “Who will hire me?”
  • A woman who’s lost herself in her marriage: You’ve become everything your husband wanted and needed, but you don’t know who you are and what you want anymore.
  • Loss.
  • Health crisis.

What are some strategies to get unstuck?

Notice what you’re feeling, both positive and negative. Where are you feeling a spark? Where do you feel good about yourself? Where do you not feel good about yourself? If you’re dreading something, switch things up.

Identifying feelings, we often feel we ’shouldn’t’ be unhappy or sad. It’s okay to sit with your unhappiness. It’s not always an indication of taking a drastic change.

Dodi tells a story of how she went back to college after her fourth child at 15:00.

Ask yourself, what brings you joy? What brought you joy when you were younger? Remember who you are. Do one thing that brings a smile to your face. Walk in nature? Getting together with friends? Learning something new? Start small. Feel the feelings as you anticipate doing something new. Take the small leap of faith.

We tend to go about our life mindlessly. We might think we have no choice. Ask yourself, do we need to have those friends in our lives? What are things we don’t have to do anymore? What would happen if you didn’t do this? Take yourself off the bottom of your list.

What are the steps women go though in your course?

  • First, we identify how we know we’re stuck. If we’re feeling depressed, walking through days mindlessly, etc., ask yourself where you’re getting stuck. There will be journal prompts to help you identify what’s going on.
  • Second, you’ll learn how to get centered and get focused in your life. You’ll learn more about your feelings, especially anger which can be difficult for women to express.
  • Third, we’ll be talking about how we lose ourselves, and whose voices we listened to that got us where we are, and how to listen to our own minds and feelings.
  • Finally, we forge a path to get to the next stage in life.

What’s something women at a crossroads who are listening can do right now?

You can sign up for the class. You can pay attention to what you’re feeling in every part of your day, and focus on your body and what you’re feeling inside. Start listening to the wisdom of your body. See where you can find your joy throughout your day.

Learn more about Dodi here

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