Heal Past Relationship Patterns to Attract True Love

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attract true love

In this episode of Last First Date Radio, discover how to heal from your past pain to attract true love.

Theresa Vigarino is a Transformational, Certified Life Coach with graduate work in the field of living a New Life Story. She works with the Spirit, Neuroscience of Change, Emotional Intelligence and Quantum Physics to assist clients in creating lasting change. Theresa is the mother of two grown children, and lives in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and the Bay Area, California. She has learned how to attract true love, and is currently planning her wedding to the love of her life. Together, they are creating a couples healing program. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio, discover how to heal from your past pain to attract true love.

Heal Past Relationship Patterns to Attract True Love


Why do we experience the same pain in our lives regarding relationships over and over again?

Our patterns start in utero! We hear and feel even as a fetus. We start recording in the amygdala part of the brain. Also, what was modeled to you is recorded. It’s all seen through your child’s mind, which is very outdated. We develop patterns in our brain, which we can undo as adults to attract true love.

How can we heal from those relationships and neutralize those patterns?

Our brains want to keep us trapped in a cycle that’s familiar. A new relationship can feel phenomenal. And then you find out that there’s control, or addiction, or the same pattern over and over. Sometimes we confuse familiarity with fate. Our brains are used to the pattern. Changing the pattern can feel scary. 

I was brought up in an abusive home, and I finally learned how to take my power back to attract true love.

How can we make the switch from living in our default patterns to embracing our power in creating the life we want to experience?

I made a commitment to change my life 150%. I made a commitment to uncover every stone, where patterns started. In the process, it’s important to have self-compassion that you were living an outdated “software system”. It takes courage and psychological depth to change. Change is scary to the fight or flight part of the brain. You have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Thank your brain for the warning, and then make those scary changes.

If I can change my love story, and so can you. All things are possible. There is enough abundance of love in the world for everyone. 

Tell us your love story!

I had been suffering from an auto-immune disease. I had gone through a ten year divorce, and was raising my children by myself. And I was jealous of my ex-husband. I was in a victim state. He seemed to have it all; a great job, new love.

One day, I realized, “If he can have this great life, so can I!” I made a decision that day that I was going to improve my life and attract true love. 

I was working with a mentor, and I took action to manifest this into my life. I uncovered my patterns. Understood them. Learned how I had been a magnet to the things that had happened to me. I started writing about my ideal mate. I had about 77 things on my list! I was deliberate and precise. I didn’t have physical attributes on the list, even though he showed up in an awesome package! 

I said I wanted someone who’d work with me, be a rock climber, with a love of children and animals. A good heart, my emotional equal. I wrote it all down and put it away. I wanted it to happen organically and naturally. We met at Burning Man. It was an instant friendship, long distance for four years, as I was still raising my son.

Now that my son is grown, we are engaged, and we go back and forth from Lake Tahoe to the Bay Area.

For many years, I had gone to sleep every night with the feeling that he was with me. I left it up to God that a soulmate would come into my life. I never felt lonely again. It has been a beautiful story. He’s my best friend and partner. 

Believe that love is possible at any age.  

Do you believe that love is possible for you? Without hope, without breaking toxic patterns, you will probably sabotage your ability to bring love into your life. If you do this internal work, you can attract true love just like Theresa did.

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