Healing Past Trauma to Create Your Best Relationship

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healing past trauma

Healing past trauma will help you forge the healthiest relationships. My podcast guest, Orit Krug, shares her unique approach to healing.

Orit Krug is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist who shared her method of healing past trauma through dance and movement therapy. She’s led thousands of therapy sessions helping women heal from trauma and enjoy healthy lifelong relationships. Her popular online program “Wired for Love” has helped thousands break free from unhealthy relationship cycles and experience positive transformations in their love lives.

Healing Past Trauma to Create Your Best Relationship

How did you heal from your past trauma and finally let in your  partner’s love?

I love helping women heal from past trauma, helping them access and release trauma from their bodies. I got into this work because I spent most of my life in unhealthy relationships. Seven years ago, I met my now husband. He was so different; loving, emotionally ready for a relationship. And I sabotaged it.

In therapy, I realized why I was doing that. The awareness didn’t shift my behaviors and how I felt in my body. Before almost losing him forever, I needed to do something different. I had just finished my Masters in dance movement therapy to heal myself.

How does old trauma get trapped in the nervous system, and how we can safely rewire it through dance and movement?

Trauma gets stored in fragments of our body. That’s why when a partner looks at you a certain way, it triggers fight/flight/freeze/shutdown responses.

When the body is involved in healing the nonverbal memories, it rewires the nervous system. If you had been freezing up in conflict, for example, your body has done that, too. I freed my body of those physical patterns as well. 

How do you help the healing from past trauma so we can communicate better and fully love our partners?

In a romantic relationship, we have impulsive reactions to certain things. Our triggers helped us stay alive and safe. But, when our bodies believe that past trauma is still happening today, our survival system takes over the rational brain. 

It’s important to rewire our nervous system from survival to being present and connected and wired for love instead. 

How to rewire your nervous system:

  1. Be in a safe space/therapeutic relationship. Otherwise, you’ll go back into survival mode. A safe space helps us connect to our bodies and not fear the trauma response.
  2. Reconnect to your body. Trauma is stored there. It’s a gentle process. It’s not about dancing, but about moving through your trauma story.
  3. Stay present and connected. Learn that your body is feeling fear, but instead of the old responses, you move through it. It rewires you. Triggers lose their charge. It’s not so scary anymore.

Can you share an example of how you helped a client in healing from past trauma?

One of my clients would stay quiet and try to keep the peace instead of speaking up in her marriage. Once we started doing impactful strong movement, feeling her weight on the ground and pushing into a wall, she felt her power. She learned to tap into her powerful self. She began to speak up, and it saved her marriage.

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

No one is broken or damaged goods. Each of us is unique, and we ALL have an equal opportunity to rewire our nervous systems, heal our trauma, and have the lasting love we deserve.

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