High Value Woman vs. a Woman of Value

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What’s the difference between a high value woman and a woman of value? Here are five behaviors of each type of woman. Which are you?

A few years after becoming a dating coach, I coined the phrase, Woman of Value. I even wrote a book about Becoming a Woman of Value. There’s another phrase in the dating coaching world, High Value Woman, and I’d like to distinguish the difference between the two.

According to dating coach Sami Wunder, these are five behaviors that count as high value in a quality man’s eyes vs. the five behaviors of a woman of value according to yours truly!

High Value Woman vs. a Woman of Value

1. A HIGH VALUE woman knows that she is the prize in love.She can allow a man to pursue her and let him initiate contact with her because she feels worthy of his attention and effort.

1. A WOMAN OF VALUE knows her must-haves and deal breakers, and she doesn’t make excuses for poor behavior in men. She is not the prize in love. She values herself and is looking for a man who has clear standards as well. She’s does initiate contact, but she is not aggressive or pushy when doing so. She knows how to give men the ‘green light’ that helps men know it’s safe to ask her out.

2. A HIGH VALUE woman actively and joyfully receives from a man (his time, attention, gifts) without feeling any obligation of returning to him in the same proportion. She knows her mere presence and company is gift enough for him. She is the feminine diva that he craves to be around.

2. A WOMAN OF VALUE knows how to graciously receive from men (even though it might be uncomfortable at first), and she’s also a giver. She doesn’t keep a running list of how much he gave to her in order to decide how much to give back. She knows that love has limits. So, she’s generous, and she has standards. As a man shows consistent interest and effort, she opens her heart much more. She is definitely not a doormat, nor is she a prima-donna!

3. A HIGH VALUE woman comes from a place of inner confidence and high self-esteem and knows that she has choices when it comes to men, instead of acting from a place of fear, control and scarcity and treating a man as the last surviving male on the planet. This is where rotational dating helps tremendously.

3. A WOMAN OF VALUE has core confidence built from consistently working on the three principles of Core Confidence as a Woman of Value: SHOW UP, STAND UP, AND SPEAK UP. She doesn’t take crumbs of attention from men at the ‘beggars table’. She is looking for a partner who is at ‘the banquet table’!

4. A HIGH VALUE woman has standards about how she wants to be treated and will not settle for “less-than” treatment from a man.

4. A WOMAN OF VALUE has standards of how she wants to be treated by ALL PEOPLE, and she kindly sets clear boundaries around men who are not a good fit or treat her poorly.

5. A HIGH VALUE woman puts her needs and her heart first, before she considers the needs of the man.

5. A WOMAN OF VALUE fills her own cup before giving endlessly to others, including the men she dates. When in a relationship, she knows what to compromise on, and what is not negotiable. She doesn’t twist into a pretzel to fit into anyone’s life.

Do you consider yourself a high value woman or a woman of value?

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