How AnneLena Found Love Online

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found love online

AnneLena, a widow, struggled with online dating until she took my course. A month later, she found love online. Listen to her story here.

Learn how AnneLena found love online. She was widowed seven years ago. When her husband tragically died from cancer, she had just turned fifty, had six teens at home, and she didn’t think would ever find love again. When she was ready to date again 18 months later, it was hard. Then came COVID in 2020, and things got harder.

AnneLena signed up for my course, How to Find Love Online During the Pandemic, and a month later, she found love online. Here’s their story.

How AnneLena Found Love Online

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What was on AnneLena’s must-have list
  • How she dated differently after taking my course
  • How she met her boyfriend at age 56, and found love online!
  • How she knew he was the ‘one’ for her
  • What qualities she has that he was looking for
  • How long they waited to have sex, and why 
  • What their communication is like 
  • How they handle disagreements
  • How they handle crisis

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