How Can a Busy Single Mom Who Works Full Time Find Love?

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Single Mom

Are you a single mom who’s trying to find love? Listen as I coach Christina live on air about how to find love at age 50, with a full-time job and a teenage daughter.

Christina is a 50-year-old busy single mom who works full time. She has 14-year-old daughter and lives in a rural area. How can she meet men and find love? She’s tried online dating without any luck. She’s been divorced since 2013 and feels ready to meet someone to date.

I coached Christina on Last First Date Radio in episode #310: How Can a Busy Single Mom Who Works Full Time Find Love? Check out highlights below!

How Can a Busy Single Mom Who Works Full Time Find Love?

What were some of the red flags in your marriage?

There were red flags from day one, and I chose to ignore them. We didn’t have a lot in common. I was going to make it work, because that’s just what you do.

He didn’t understand or support my career. He wanted me to stay home and help with the family. He drank, and I became fearful. He was a mean drunk, and that was the final straw that got me to leave.

One thing that really bothered me was that he liked to cook, and he always had to fill my plate with four times the amount anyone should eat. In hindsight, that seemed so wrong. I now see it was about control, and he wanted me to never lose weight.


What was the biggest lesson you learned from your failed marriage?

Don’t waste time in the wrong relationship when you know it’s not right from the outset.


What are some character traits you’re seeking in a partner now?

Hard worker, someone with boundaries, able to balance work and home, intellectually stimulating (can talk about anything with him), and mutual respect.

Describe your dating life for the last five years since your divorce.

After the divorce, I went from man to man. I was looking for validation. I went online, and the ones I did meet didn’t work out. I dated one man who went way too fast. Four months in, he wanted to get married.

I dated online on and off for a year and a half. eHarmony’s closest match was three hours away. Match was the best site for me. Men just wanted to chat. Or the men didn’t have young children like me. I don’t have anyone to help me with my daughter back then. I now have someone who can help me with my daughter and with housework. I’m ready to date, but I don’t know how to meet men.


Listen while I coach Christina about:

  • How to improve her online dating experience so she can find love online.
  • What I told her to do about men online who continue to message but don’t ask you out.
  • How to effectively ask for a setup as a WOMAN OF VALUE (this tip may surprise you!).
  • Find out why Christina left the session with a smile on her face and hope in her heart.


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