How Feminine Presence Will Improve Your Life

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feminine presence

Adele Wang helps women who feel invisible reconnect to their feminine presence so they can attract the love they want.

My podcast guest, Adele Wang, helps women who feel invisible reconnect to their feminine presence. This helps them attract more of what they want, in life, work, and love. Many modern women, in the rush for equality, have inadvertently cut themselves off from the most beautiful part of themselves–their feminine essence. They often feel stressed, invisible, and unable to attract the relationships they want.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– How Adele helps women increase their feminine presence

– How to acquire the “it” factor that makes women so attractive

– How to increase your magnetism, be more joyful and attract better relationships

The Art of Feminine Presence

What is feminine presence, and why is it more important than ever now, for women to attract the kind of relationship they want?

It is a quality every woman has. It’s an energetic presence people feel around you. It’s different from feminine energy. We all have feminine and masculine energy, the yin and yang. If you want to get anything done, you need both.

In the rush to do it all, women often cut themselves off from the most attractive part of them. Feminine essence is an awareness of how energy is running in your body. Wouldn’t you be happier and more relaxed if you got stuff done with an energy that’s aligned with you? For example, not pushing to get things done. 

We’ve lost the polarity of the feminine and masculine essence. We need both for attraction and the commonality of values. It’s not about being rescued. Women are so competent that they can do it all. But, do you want to? The masculine is wired to look for a need. If there’s no opening, the masculine feels a little off. That they won’t be needed.

How can a woman increase her natural feminine essence to attract more of the kind of man she wants, without “trying”?

Develop more awareness of your lower body. Feel your feelings. Don’t think your feelings. Or if you’re living from your heart too much, it can feel emotionally unsafe. When you drop lower into your body, you can drop into your sexual energy. It’s an awareness in your body, especially in your ‘womb space’. 

Imagine there’s a well deep in your pelvic bowl. Imagine being inside your womb space. Drop down in there, and feel your body. Develop an awareness of your own sexual energy. Amplify it and fill your body with the energy.

I want to give people hope. Singles have analyzed themselves to death. Understanding yourself is useful. But, trying something that turns you on will help you radiate and attract the right partner. You tap into a different apparatus for forgiveness and letting go.

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