How High Performing Women Can Attract Lasting Love

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If you’re a high performing woman who is successful at work but struggling to attract lasting love, you must check out this week’s podcast with Love Coach, Bex Burton.

My radio guest, Bex Burton, is a Certified DreamBuilder and Love Coach. She supports smart, successful, single high performing women in becoming radiant and magnetic to LOVE, so they can attract lasting, loving, soulmate relationships with amazing men.

After failing painfully at love for over a decade, Bex set out to get to the bottom of what wasn’t working. Along the way, she discovered her own personal Majesty, “accidentally” wrote her own true love story, brought it to life through hula hoop performance art, and attracted an extraordinary man, who is now her husband.

Today, Bex supports thousands of driven women in dreaming up and manifesting their own unique love stories through her in-depth transformational “Your Majesty” coaching programs, live and online workshops, performances, and events.

Listen to, download, and check out highlights of episode #298: How High Performing Women Attract Real, Lasting Love with Bex Burton.

How High Performing Women Can Attract Lasting Love

What are the biggest struggles you see successful, driven high performing women experience when attracting love?

Women who have been able to attract and achieve their highest vision in life in their career, finances, and other areas of life have not yet cracked the code for loving romantic relationships. Driven women know how to get things done. We set our mind to a goal and nothing can stop us. This creates success in other areas, but it isn’t the most effective way to attract romantic partnerships.

When these women hit a roadblock, they tend to dig their heels in deeper, try harder, and do more. In romantic relationships, this strategy tends to breed more satisfaction and frustration. This starts a cycle of dropping out of dating and then starting again.


How can successful driven women approach love in a more proactive way?

It’s our responsibility as women to know what we want. We can go from ‘we don’t need a man’ to knowing how men fit in with our desire. The skillful alpha masculine man is clear on what it is to be a man. He desires to take care of and take a stand for people in his life. If we want a man like that, we need to make room for him in our life. It’s not about being submissive, but paying attention to the desire of wanting a masculine man in our life. We can have drive, too, but be in our feminine.


What are some examples of being in our feminine to make room for an alpha man?

High performers are often from a background of feeling like we’re not enough. As young children, we fulfill the unmet needs of our parents. We ask, “What more can I do to make my parents happy?” Then, we grow up collecting accomplishments to seek the approval of others. In dating, it shows up as strategies, like joining many online dating sites, going on tons of dates, etc.

Being in our feminine is about loosening the white knuckle grip, which is about letting go of expectations of ‘how it should be’. We connect to our highest self. It’s about being; first being true and authentic to our authentic heart’s desires and standing in our feminine power. Not having to impress or receive validation or approval from someone else. Approach dating and relationships with curiosity, fun, and playfulness. These are all feminine ways of being.

Lean into trust and faith that what we desire is unfolding each time we connect with our feminine energy.

When we lean into the belief that there are more than enough high quality masculine men out there, we are flooded with opportunities and choice.

Lean into the law of receiving, which can be a challenge for high achieving women. We can do this in our daily practice. Receiving compliments, receiving someone letting you merge into their lane on the highway. When we don’t accept a compliment, we rob people of the gift of that compliment. Men are delighted in giving pleasure. When we don’t receive well, we give men the message that we don’t need them or want them.

If you’re operating from the neck up as a cerebral being, get into a flow state of joy. That’s one of the things I’m honing my work into. I believe it was my playful joyful passion of dance that attracted my husband.


Bex has a free video series for you called “Soulmate Love Awaits You: Six Mindful Practices
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