How Is an Art Fair Like Your Love Life?

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As I walked through the Armonk Outdoor Art Fair in Armonk, NY, this afternoon, I was transported back in time to my past life, BLC (before life coaching), when I was a fine artist who sold my art at high-end galleries and juried art fairs. I still occasionally create art on commission, but I no longer display at art fairs. I kind of hated it. While it was an honor to display alongside some of my favorite artists, I didn’t enjoy the scrutiny of random passers by. Some of the comments were quite rude and insensitive. On the other hand, there were those wonderful fans, the ones who ‘got’ my art and followed me from fair to fair.

As I meandered past the sculptures, paintings, jewelry, fabric and paper art today, I noticed how I walked right by some booths and was drawn in by other artists. Every so often, when I saw something that ‘spoke’ to me, my heart fluttered with excitement.

One of my favorites was the artist, Peyton Higgison . I was pulled in by the bright and rich colors and the whimsical and playful themes, such as in the print to the right.

Another booth that piqued my interest was of a kaleidoscope artist, Arnie Weinstein, of I had never before seen such gorgeously carved kaleidoscopes, each one hand-carved of exquisite wood. But even more cool was what I saw when I looked inside.










The designs in the lenses and mirrors were so trippy, they looked like they were animated. To get the full experience, you should take a look at their website and link to a video of the inside of the kaleidoscopes. Awesome!

So, how does this all tie in to your love life? It all makes perfect sense to me! Let me share my ideas with you…

At an art fair, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to their favorite artists. It feels like a magnetic pull. The other artists are just not as appealing. Does this mean they’re not talented? No. Does it mean they are not successful? Absolutely not!

Why can’t it be that clear with dating? You’re drawn to certain people. Does that mean that the ones you don’t choose are not appealing to other people? No! So why do you feel rejected when some people don’t choose you?

It’s just not the right fit. You don’t want someone who doesn’t ‘get’ you. You want someone who is attracted to the masterpiece of YOU; your unique style, character, look, and personality. Ideally, you both feel the same way about each other.

Anything less would be like buying a painting that matched your decor and looked nice on your wall, but it wouldn’t make your heart sing each time you looked at it.

I hope that the next time your date doesn’t pan out like you thought it would, the next time you sit at home wondering what you did wrong, instead of taking it as a personal rejection, look for the one that will work, the one that will draw you in like a magnet, the one that will make your heart sing.

Because when the right two people come together, a true masterpiece is created.


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