How Labels Hold You Back from Love

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hold you back from love

The labels you put on yourself can hold you back from love. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn how to remove those labels and attract the love you want!

My podcast guest, Dr. Andrew Gardella, is a chiropractor who has worked as an Access Consciousness facilitator since 2012. He graduated from college with honors and undergrad degrees in Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science. He then received a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Andrew has been traveling the world, speaking and teaching Access Consciousness, Right Voice for You, 3-Day Body and Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment classes to help people be the version of themselves they want to be.

Check out the show notes below for EP 366: Dr. Andrew Gardella on How Labels Can Hold You Back From Love.

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What is Access Consciousness, and what inspired you to become a facilitator?

Access Consciousness is a set of tools, philosophies and techniques designed to change your life for the better. It includes everything and judges nothing. It’s about having more of yourself and whatever else you want in your life.

As an undergrad, I was interested in neurology. I was fascinated by someone who had a stroke and couldn’t see but could sense the world just fine. I was also a wrestler who competed, and I started going to a Chiropractor in 8th grade. He told me to check out Chiropractic school, and it looked like a good fit to me.

What led me to Access Consciousness? I was frustrated with the Chiropractic school being behind the times. I was always looking at what else was possible. I stumbled upon Access Consciousness, and I knew it was a fit for me. I took classes while in Chiropractic school.

What are some examples of labels that can hold you back from love?

“I don’t deserve love” or “I don’t deserve this type of love”. Imagine wearing a name tag that says, “Hello, my name is ‘I don’t deserve love.’ We don’t realize we’re sabotaging love with these labels.

Why do we label ourselves and others?

It’s based on our past and how we see ourselves. It’s not the whole picture. For example, someone gives us a compliment, and we reject it and reject them in the process.

How can we stop labeling?

If you have a label like, “you’re out of my league”, you have context for it from your past. I ask people to share where they ARE confident. “What is it that makes you feel you don’t have confidence in all areas of your life?” Identify where you have a conflicting label.

Look at actions and choices you make because of your label. I like to reflect back what a client says. They often don’t hear themselves. Start catching yourself when you expose a label.

Any good advice for someone going on a date?

If you’re going on a date, ask yourself, “what am I desiring to create with that person? What would it take for this date to go better than expected?”

If you believe, ‘There are no good men’, your focus is on men not being good. Instead, ask yourself, “what would it take to have a man show up who is interesting to me?” Get clarity on what is a good man. What is it that I’m looking for? What am I NOT looking for.

What advice would you give people who want to go on their last first date?

If this was your last first date, what would you be looking and not looking for? Gain the clarity you need to find love.

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