How Life Gets Better For Women Over 50

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Women Over 50

My podcast guest, Cathy Mines, is passionate about helping women over 50 live their best life. Such a fun show with meaningful tips. Check it out.

My podcast guest, Cathy Mines, is passionate about helping women over 50 see how life gets even better. She inspires a love-your-life attitude through yoga, meditation, and intimate speaking engagements.

Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga and the Founder of The United Hearts of Allies project. Cathy is passionately living her ‘Third Act’ and loving her life’s work in Toronto, Canada. A certified yoga instructor since 2003, a graduate of the Transformational Arts College Spiritual Psychotherapy Program and a Delegate at the Resonance Academy. Receiving a Certified Peace Ambassador Certification has been one of Cathy’s most treasured achievements in this work.

Check out highlights below for Episode #342: Enthusiasm for Life and Love After 50: The 8 Sacred Responsibilities.

How Life Gets Better For Women Over 50

What is a Sacred Responsibility? And why are there Eight?

A sacred responsibility is a highly valued moral responsibility to respond to life to increase our life force and vitality. People are tired. They’ve overextended themselves. We’re overwhelmed. Responsibility freaks people out, but I want to re-establish responsibility for our happiness. Get fired up about it.

I chose the eight responsibilities by going through my old journals. I noticed I’d been making notes on sacred responsibility for years. These are the ones that matter most to me.

The Eight Responsibilities are:

1. Self-Care

2. Rise and Shine

3. Know Yourself

4. Collaborate

5. Honor Your Intuition

6. Create and Play

7. Relax and Celebrate

8. Gratitude.

Do you have a particular starting point for people new to self-care as a sacred responsibility?

We need to begin with caring for ourselves and looking within. Begin to honor what you already do. For example, when you brush your teeth and wash your face, take 5 minutes. If we take that time, and look in the mirror to appreciate ourself, this will start our day with reverence. Honor your breathing. This gently builds resilience. When your people need you, you have cultivated a way to hold your energy so you will be there when they need you.

What is ‘create and play’ to you? Can you share a way for us to create and play without spending a lot of time or money?

If something sparks you, follow the spark. If a good song comes on, wiggle a little bit, even if no one else is dancing or singing along. Begin to see play everywhere you go. You can sing along with the music in the car. There’s a sensuality in play that I love. It’s connected to our bodies and our senses. Pleasures fill up our energy. This increases our vitality and longevity.

How do you apply sacred responsibility in relationships?

Getting to know yourself again after 50 is one of the strongest things we can do for ourselves. This will guide and influence all your relationships. If we like to laugh and dance, people know what’s going to happen when they’re around us. Remember what makes you happy. Present that memory into our relationships. Show up on dates as your authentic self. That will quickly separate those that pick you up and light you up from those that don’t get you.

Don’t dim your light for anyone anymore.

Cathy Mines

What’s your mission for women over 50?

I love helping women over 50 get to know themselves and get to know who they are now. In my book, I have a daily statement, “Today, I open myself fully to living a sacred life. “

Do what you love, get to know what makes you happy, and walk towards that. Cultivate joy.

Cathy Mines

What’s your advice for women over 50 who want to go on their last first date?

To go on your last first date, you don’t need an end-game. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the conversations. Be excited about each date. Set aside the anxiety about meeting men. Treat each interaction like it’s the best place you want to be and the best person you want to be with in the moment.

You can find Cathy at Sign up for a document with exercises from her book so you can live into the 8 sacred responsibilities.

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