How Palm Reading Can Help You Find Your Soulmate

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[PODCAST] Palm reading reflects your soul and life purpose, your personality archetypes, talents, health, and even your soulmate!

My podcast guest, Cynthia Clark, is a palm reading consultant and relationship expert. Author of Stories in Your Hands: Discover Your Authentic Destiny Using Palmistry & Tarot, she has worked with over 7,000 people worldwide in the past 10 years. She created the most innovative and accurate matchmaking system using palmistry to help spiritual singles find long-lasting love through Cynthia also offers readings, coaching, courses and professional training and is passionate about sharing her vast knowledge of palmistry as an empowerment tool.

Check out the show notes for Episode 357: How Your Hands Reveal the Deepest Secrets of Your Soul.

How Palm Reading Can Help You Find Your Soulmate

Can you tell us a little about your love life and how you met your soulmate, your second husband?

I was married for 19 years to my first husband. I got divorced and ended up jumping into the crazy realm of dating after not having done it for 20 years. I had a ‘fatal attraction’ for a few years, and I learned so much from that experience.

Eventually, I met my husband, and I’m super happy. I wanted to share that with the world. I met him at a retail gift ship. I was reading palms, and he brought in gift boxes he had made. He fell in love with me the first day we met, but I wasn’t ready for him for two years! I read his hand on the first day, and I saw that he was compatible with me. I needed to heal and grow before we got together.

How did you get into palm reading?

I had a deja vu experience. I had picked up a book on palm reading at the library. When I started reading it, I felt I had read it before. It started me on a pathway, and I tested the material on friends and family. The response was positive, and that started me doing palm reading.

How does palmistry help people, and what do palms reveal?

Palm reading is not what most people think. It’s not about telling you when you’ll die or when you’ll meet the ‘one’. It’s a mirror of who you are. It reflects your soul and life purpose, your personality archetypes, talents, health, and preferences. It can give you insights and guide you.

How can palm reading help you find you soulmate?

When you’re a baby, your hands are not yet set. When you’re about six years old, your hands form the shape they’ll have for the rest of your life. This represents the subconscious influences that reflect your personality. It also reflects who you’re compatible with. You can find your archetype and who you’re compatible with.

20:00 Listen to an exercise that helps you identify if your personality archetype is air, earth, fire, or water and what they each mean in terms of who you’re compatible with.

Do palms change over time, and if so, how do they change?

Yes. The lines mimic the neural pathways of your brain, especially after trauma. As you make changes, over time your palm reflects those changes, and you can see the ebb and flow of the lines in your hand.

What should you look for if you’re dating and want to know if someone is compatible?

A handshake can be super useful. Does he have a firm grasp? That’s someone who wants to dominate you. The ‘dead fish’ handshake is someone with no energy, and they’ll probably get really tired or burned out. If they have a warm handshake, they’re probably pretty friendly and balanced. Also, pay attention to skin texture: soft skin is sensitive, thicker skin can handle more pushing around.

FUN FACT: It’s good to be similar in the thumb. If you have a big thumb, you’re an achiever. Someone with a tiny thumb will probably frustrate you.

Another thing to check for is the giving energy, which is the thumb ball, the puffy part under your thumb on your palm, called the Venus mount. If it’s big and puffy, it means they have a big appetite. Could be an over-indulger. If it’s puffy but average, they’re probably giving and genuinely helpful. If it’s flat, they have depleted energy.

What final advice do you have for our listeners who want to go on their last first date?

Everyone has a soulmate match. There are many soulmate matches for every person. It’s never too late to find that person. You make the decision you want that person in your life. Life is just waiting for you. Choose to live life with love, and it will open doorways for you.

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