How Polarity Leads to Attraction in Relationships

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Are you looking for your clone when dating? Polarity is what leads to attraction and passion. Learn more in this video!

What is polarity and why do we need it in relationships? To feel emotionally connected to your partner, it’s important to have similar values and interests. What makes a relationship passionate is polarity – having differences in core energies. The more opposed the energies are between two people, what’s known as masculine vs. feminine energy, the stronger the attraction is within the relationship. 

In this video, I share why we need polarity to help a relationship thrive.

How Polarity Leads to Attraction in Relationships

Defining Masculine and Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is:

  • receiving
  • nurturing
  • creating
  • warmth
  • being cherished for your feelings

Masculine energy is:

  • doing
  • achieving
  • building
  • right or wrong thinking
  • providing
  • protecting
  • being respected for your thoughts

While everyone possess both masculine and feminine energy, many women who have strong feminine energy are dating by leading with their masculine energy, because that’s how we’ve succeed at work. It’s how we get things done. We’re so good at doing, doing, doing, taking care of things, and planning, we may not trust others to step up and get it ‘right’.

In dating, when we lead with all that doing and planning, we can end up doing things we don’t really want to do. We might become resentful of the men who don’t step up and make plans. Why should they if we do it all?

And men who have strong masculine energy will feel useless. They may ask themselves, “Why does she need a man if she does everything herself?” Either way, you will not be a successful dater.

Being in your feminine energy is not about acting fake or giving up your power.

It doesn’t mean dumbing yourself down or acting like a helpless damsel in distress. It means leading with your feminine energy traits – your warmth, expressing your feelings, nurturing, following your passions – while still being proud of all that you’ve achieved that make you the unique and awesome woman you are.

If your dominant energy is masculine, you’ll have the most passion with someone with strong feminine energy.

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