How to Be Smarter About Dating After Divorce

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dating after divorceArianna Jeret is a divorce mediator and certified divorce coach who focuses on shortening the traumatic process of divorce. She uses a strategic approach that focuses on emotional and financial needs. She is particularly passionate about raising awareness of alternative paths to resolution in high-conflict relationships.

Arianna has been featured in interviews for FOX News Radio, Huff Post Divorce,, and, and her articles for have been syndicated on top sites such as xoJane, Popsugar and Yahoo Style.

What to know how to be smarter about dating after divorce? Following are loosely transcribed highlights of our radio interview, How to Date Smarter for Better Relationship After Divorce with Arianna Jeret

Do people give up on marriage too easily these days?

No. It’s a common misperception. At least 95% of the couples and individuals I’ve worked with have tried couples counseling for years. They have continued to try. I believe people tend to stay and try harder for longer than is healthy. 

What are big takeaways you can learn from divorce and apply to dating after divorce?

Sit back and think about what your role was in the marriage not working out. Don’t blame yourself, but it’s important to think about what you can do differently this time around. Also, so many people complain about everything in regard to dating. Please stop complaining! Dating after divorce can be fun.

This is an opportunity to create the next spectacular chapter of your life. Take advantage of this opportunity and date with a good attitude. Don’t be negative. Don’t put all the “what-I-don’t-wants” in your profile. That’s a big turnoff.

Should people make a list of what they want in a partner when dating after divorce?

Many people say you should make a list of what you want and it will come to you. I thought I knew what I wanted, but the men I first dated after divorce weren’t good for me. Instead, I made a list of what I wouldn’t tolerate in a partner. It was much easier to filter out who I didn’t want at the beginning. Eventually, I had a clearer idea about who I did want and who would be a better match for me. 

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