How to Boost Self-Confidence

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Everyone needs a boost in self-confidence from time to time. Here are some very helpful ways to make sure you’re feeling in top form, with the empowerment and confidence to shine. In our daily lives, we can take on too much and become swamped and harried. So when you are feeling down or lacking in confidence, here are four helpful tips to give your confidence a jump-start.

4 Tips for Boosting Confidence

1. Give yourself a makeover or special beauty treatment. For most people, simply looking good will aid in giving you that boost of confidence to get through a first date, an interview or a tough meeting. First impressions are made in 5-10 seconds. Your appearance and body language are of vital importance. A little extra care and effort while preparing will make you look better. And by looking better, you will walk a little taller. When you are comfortable with your outside appearance,  you will naturally act with more confidence.

2. Find a Cheerleader. When I say cheerleader, I do not mean pompoms and high jumps, but someone who is in your court, a good friend or family member who can give you encouragement. This is wonderful to have in times when you cannot pick yourself up. Have someone on hand that you can call or visit when you need a boost, or even someone that just occasionally calls you just to cheer you up. It will make a huge difference to your life, and the added bonus ~ it will add value to their lives, too!

3. Visualize your goals. Achievement and attainment of goals are solid steps towards boosting confidence. Simply visualizing your goals step by step will give you a clearer idea of what you want and how to get it. This in turn releases ‘feel good’ adrenaline into your body, which can trigger a boost in confidence. If you are unhappy with some aspect of yourself, visualize the person you want to be. For optimal results, be specific and clear in your goals and visualization. If visualization is not your strong point, writing and recording may prove more useful for you.

4. Change your perspective on failure. If failure brings you down for a long period of time, it can take a huge toll on your self-confidence. If you can view failure as a learning curve, a natural part of life, you will be so much happier. It is common to experience rejection before you are successful in any area of life. Failure is best viewed as a learning experience, something to evaluate and draw new skills from. Analyze and articulate where you went well and where you need improvement. The quicker you learn from your mistakes, the quicker you will succeed. If you didn’t fail, you would not be taking any risks or trying anything new in life. How boring would that be?

What works for you when you need a boost in self-confidence?




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