How to Break Up With Kindness and Love

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In this episode, find out what happens when a couple releases a book on relationships and then decides to break up (with kindness).

What happens when two people release a book on relationships, and they decide to break up? A PR disaster? Or an invitation for something greater?

Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt spent a phenomenal eight years together, creating an amazing relationship. They used those same tools to un-create their relationship, elegantly and graciously, “consciously uncoupling.”

How to Break Up With Kindness and Love

Their book, “Relationship, Are You Sure You Want One?”, is an entirely different way of looking at a relationship. This book offers questions you can ask every single day to create what you truly desire.

Authors Brendon and Simone have been willing to look at every aspect of themselves and their relationship and have the vulnerability to share it all with readers in this book.

I was honored to interview Simone Milasas for my podcast. She is an international speaker and author of three books, ‘Relationship, Do You Want One?’, ‘Joy of Business’, and ‘Getting Out of Debt Joyfully’. She is an acclaimed business and life mentor, and travels the world facilitating seminars with Access Consciousness.

A lady who knows how to be a woman, Simone revels in the joy of future opportunity, and knows that the prospect of possibility resides in every choice you make.

Listen to EP347: How to Consciously “Uncouple” with Author, Simone Milasas, and check out the show notes below.

‘Relationship Are You Sure You Want One?’ Why did you choose this title?

I created a fantastic relationship with Brendon for eight years. [We co-wrote the book when we were together]. By the time the book was published, we had ended our relationship. To us, it gives more to the credence and question of the book.

I’m in Italy now, and Brendon is here, too. We had lunch and caught up. We both cried, because we’re grateful for what we had. [When our relationship ended], our lives were changing so much, it was time to create something different. We had done what we were meant [to do] together, and we knew it was time to move on.

What was your relationship like?

Honoring each other. [When we first met,] I was traveling the world a lot and earning a lot more money than he did. He was hating what he was doing as a tradesman. I told him to take some time off and give himself some space. He took 18 months off. I supported him and his son. He was a great contribution around the house. He’s a fabulous cook.

Now he’s a facilitator at Access Consciousness, and he found his value. We both let each other do what we wanted to do. We didn’t try to control each other. We had gratitude for each other. Relationship is a constant state of question, not answer. ske

How can people break up with kindness?

It takes a lot of courage. We have real estate and investments together. We have a mutual friend, Gary Douglas, who said to write down three things we desire and want to create with each other [as we uncouple]. The first thing on both our lists was friendship. The second thing was our son. Brendon wanted me to be in his son’s life. It wasn’t about things. It was about the creation of a different possibility. The desire to remember the sweet and not the bitter. Don’t dishonor the other person.

Also be willing to talk out your anger and have a ‘world war three’. Being forthright was so helpful. We are both honoring of each other and what each wants to create in the world.

Find out what works for you and what works for them. Ask yourself what you’re angry and frustrated about. Do you really hate them, or is there something else going on?

What are some important questions a person can ask themselves before entering (or if they’re currently in) a relationship?

One of the questions I asked every day was, “Is this working for me today?”
If it’s a contribution, it’s working. If you get the energy that maybe it’s not, ask yourself, “Is there something I can change here?”

I wanted someone who was kind, caring, and nurturing and available for me. Don’t look at what a relationship is supposed to be. Not what someone else is projecting for you.

Ask yourself, “Will it be fun?” “Will I learn something?” “Will we create something?” Trust what you know, and don’t rely on what others are judging for you.

Be willing to receive something greater than what you perceive a relationship should be. Throw out the list.

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