How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

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The goal of an online dating profile is to attract a person that best compliments you. This cool infographic shows you how to create your perfect profile.


According to Pew Research, more than 20 percent of singles in their mid-30s and 40s hit up online dating sites and apps to seek out that perfect match. While the preference for online dating isn’t as high among Gen Xers as with millenials, the power of the right swipe has definitely picked up popularity over the years.

However, for singles who are used to finding dates in a face-to-face environment versus a glowing screen, creating that creative and concise dating profile might be tricky. Attracting someone in the e-centric world can be a digital dilemma. The profile and pictures must be grabbing—but not desperate. You need to be honest—but not go overboard with details.

Ultimately, you want to project an accurate depiction of yourself while also putting your best foot—or face—forward. When you’re compiling your dating profile, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile


You want to post a few photos of yourself that are in focus and highlight your best features. Don’t go crazy with effects, please. Post a picture that captures you doing what you love; pets in the photo are a bonus!

The Profile

Certain keywords attract more views or swipes. According to Wired, men and women who surf and who list this pastime on their profiles are quite popular. If you’re not good on the board, though, don’t lie and say that you love it just for a swipe! Other popular swipe keywords per Wired: yoga, London, Radiohead (for women), and trees (for men).

What to Avoid

According to an article on Cosmopolitan, women shouldn’t list the words “happy” or “trustworthy.” Maybe men are cynics? Not sure about this one, but avoid the words just to be sure! Also, don’t go too crazy on details.

The goal of a dating profile is to attract a person that best compliments you. So if you want someone who loves gaming, skiing, or astronomy, add it in.

Need a little more guidance on crafting the perfect online dating profile? Check out this infographic!



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