How to Cure Yourself of Codependency, the Relationship Killer

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Cure Yourself of Codependency

My radio guest, Lisa Concepcion, is a dating and relationship coach who healed from codependency. If you want to cure yourself of codependency, this is the show for you.

My radio guest, Lisa Concepcion, spoke to my audience about how to cure yourself of codependency. She is a Certified Professional Dating & Relationship Transformation Expert and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching™. She specializes in helping people transform their love lives beginning with self-love. Through her programs, Lisa quickly empowers people to clearly define the relationship they want, and then helps them adopt the mindset necessary to manifest and maximize it.

Check out highlights below from episode #309: Curing Yourself of Codependency, the Relationship Killer.

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How to Cure Yourself of Codependency, the Relationship Killer

What is codependency, and what’s your relationship with it?

Codependency is being dependent on outside circumstances and people to make you happy. Many codependents are children of narcissists who are used for their parents’ gratification.

My codependency put me in a disempowered place. We have all been tested in our lives. I was done blaming the outside for my issues.

I’m 47 now, and it came to a head in my 30s while I was unhappily married and anxious. I was constantly chasing something. It manifested in infidelity and eventually divorce.

Why is it so important to love yourself unconditionally?

This is the foundation of my coaching practice. Lack of self-love is the reason people are single.

Don’t put all your happy eggs into someone else’s basket. Take charge, and set clear boundaries.

An example of self-love is a woman who checks a dating app at 10 PM. Up comes a match. She thinks, “I must write back this minute.” Instead, she asks herself, “Do I really want to write back now? Or is it better to wait until tomorrow? What do I need right now? A boundary? I’ll set it.”


How does one cure themselves of codependency?

  • Start with a 90-day commitment to yourself.
  • Hire help. I worked with a therapist.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat right, sleep well, do what’s healthy for you.
  • Ask yourself: What else is needed? EFT tapping? Acupuncture? Law of Attraction?
  • Know that your brain can be rewired in 90 days, if you discipline your thoughts and change your mindset.
  • Have a conversation with your parents if you can to understand your codependency.
  • Help your inner child heal. A good method is Inner Bonding
  • Develop unconditional love of yourself.
  • Align your whole self (how you show up in the world).

Don’t worry about the how. Just allow!

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