How to Ditch the Apps and Date Offline

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Learn how to date offline in this episode of Last First Date Radio with Camille Virginia. She’s the expert in OFFline dating!

Camille Virginia is author of the best-selling book The Offline Dating Method – her 3-step process to help singles ditch the apps and attract a partner in the real world. She is dedicated to helping people create a more meaningful life OFFline – yes even in a pandemic. She has been featured in media including The Atlantic, the BBC, and USA Today.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why connection is crucial during the pandemic and beyond
  • How to date offline with COVID restrictions
  • How Camille met 6 guys in 6 weeks OFFline during the pandemic
  • How you know someone’s single when you meet in real life
  • The 3 step OFFline dating method

EP #476: Camille Virginia – How to Ditch the Apps and Date OFFline (Even in a Pandemic!)

Why is connection during COVID crucial?

When we thought COVID would be just a few months in Spring 2020, we thought it would be temporary. Now, it’s been 18 months, and it’s important to find the balance of staying safe with the need for human connection.

How do you date offline during a pandemic and beyond?

It’s about being intentional. Follow your local government protocols, and then figure out what you’re comfortable with. Work within those parameters. Maybe it’s a dog park. Or joining a hiking group while the weather is nice. If you’re comfortable being at a concert or a fair, that’s a great place to meet. Get out and connect with someone.

How did you meet six guys in six weeks OFFline during a pandemic?

I met my former boyfriend the summer of 2020 at an outdoor get together with friends. We did a lot of stuff outdoors and dated for a year. Since that ended, I met seven men offline. I felt lonely after our relationship ended, which pushed me to go to concerts, hikes, the beach, farmer’s market, and met five new friends that night.

How do you know if someone’s single when you’re offline?

Don’t make a decision or judgment about other people. Approach everyone with the same icebreaker. Ask about something in the area or comment on what they’re wearing. If you see a wedding ring, ask how they met their wife. 

How do people you meet in real life know you’re interested in dating?

Don’t stay on topics like the weather or other surface level stuff. Get off the icebreaker and into a deeper connection. Ask ‘how’s your day going?’ and see what they say. Ask a follow up question that’s open ended, and see if they’re engaging. 

What are the 3-steps to attract a great partner OFFline?

The first is magnetic approachability. Dress for confidence and conversation. Put effort into your appearance wherever you go. Wear something that people might comment on, a hat or jewelry. 

The second step is effortless engagement. Use a casual icebreaker, but not the same one for everyone. Use something that’s around you. Could be what they’re drinking, which dog is theirs…

The third step is ask out organically. Once you’ve been talking, asking about things they’re talking about. Ask about activities that he likes. What does he do for fun? What’s he doing on the weekend? That’s going to give you date ideas. ”I like to go hiking. Would you like to go hiking together some time?”

What makes your book different from all the other dating books out there?

It’s the only exclusively offline dating book. I’m so passionate for all the opportunities for connection, even during a pandemic. 

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

Be intentional, get out of your comfort zone. If you’re attracted to someone, explore a connection. Follow your intuitive hits. 

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