How to Eliminate Your Limitations

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eliminate your limitations

Want to eliminate your limitations for once and for all? My podcast guest, Sylvia Puentes, has many surprising suggestions that will help!

My podcast guest, Sylvia Puentes, joined me on Last First Date Radio to speak about how to eliminate your limitations for once and for all. She is an international speaker and author with a passion for transformational coaching and empowered education. Her career as an educator spans nearly 20 years and has taken her from elementary school classrooms to private coaching and bi-lingual corporate training. Sylvia has developed a range of unique and inspiring workshops and programs, including the Academic & Parent Coaching Program which has assisted youth, parents and teachers in finding alternative methods to inspire and rediscover the joy of learning. She is a certified facilitator for Right Voice for You®, a special program by Access Consciousness®.

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3 Tips to Eliminate Your Limitations Once and for All

What is a limitation?

Anything that you’ve decided or concluded that keeps you from choosing anything different. It keeps you stuck.

What are 3 tips to eliminate your limitations?

  • Begin to question, “What does a relationship look like and sound like to me?”
  • Begin to ask yourself, “What is it that I would enjoy?” Name five elements you want in a relationship. Ask yourself if you have that for you. Are you kind to you? Are you grateful for you? Are you love? Are you loved? What is the definition of love? What do we add to a relationship? Adding a person to your life adds to the joy you already have.
  • Be in an ongoing question. With everything that shows up for you, ask, “Does this belong to me”? It might give you space to know it’s not yours. Then ask, “What’s true for me?” “What would I like to create?”

How do you define what a relationship has to be?

Ask yourself, how many hours a day do I have to spend with that person? Just because they’re not in front of me, is it not a relationship? Many believe you have to give something up to make a relationship work. I knew there was someone out there who looked beyond my traveling. I met him the next day. He’s not the ‘type’ I used to date. That’s a limitation. I engaged with him without knowing his last name, what he did for work. There was kindness and curiosity and great communication. He said, “I’m not afraid of you, Ms. World Traveler!”

What are the three types of men we search for?

Winner: What’s your winner type like? It’s not usually a very kind and caring man. Somehow, we think if we end up with him, we win.

No-count: We often wouldn’t consider him. He’s a nice guy. He’s got the most caring and kindness for you. He enjoys having you be a part of his life.

Loser: If you start dating him, he lets go of everything. It becomes smothering and too much.

The one question I was told to ask was “How does it get any better than this?” Also, “What else is possible that I’d never considered?” This has helped me venture out to the world and empower others to know they do know what’s true.

What advice do you have for our audience so they can go on their last first date?

Acknowledge the courage it takes to begin to ask, “What lights me up?” “What would I like?” Choose what works for you. Ask yourself “How can it get any better than this?”

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