How to Establish a Strong Foundation for a Relationship

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In this episode of Last First Date Radio, Aaron Jordan, Jr., aka Mr. Know Your Worth, shared his secrets to a strong foundation for a relationship. Check it out!

My radio guest, Aaron Jordan, Jr., is known to many as “Mr. Know Your Worth.” He’s an award-winning author, radio personality, speaker, relationship coach, and philanthropist. Aaron is the founder and host of the Nashville-based “Know Your Worth Radio Show” and author of “The Power Within, A Woman’s Worth: From Both Sexes.” He is also the founder of the Know Your Worth Women’s Relationship Conference in Nashville and the Know Your Worth Relationship Empowerment Summit in Atlanta. He has been featured on CBS, ABC, Talk of the Town, Atlanta Live, and My TV 30 and was named a 2017 Nashville Black 40 under 40.

Check out highlights below for episode #301: The Keys to Establishing a Strong Foundation for a Relationship.

How to Establish a Strong Foundation for a Relationship

What led you to become Mr. Know Your Worth?

People don’t understand that your purpose or calling can be forged from a dark space. 10 years ago, I was in a dark space and emotionally broken. I projected all of my pain onto other people instead of looking in the mirror. I was engaged three times in an 18 month period. I was one of those guys who would tell a woman anything she wanted to hear to get what I wanted. It took a lot to admit that.

Karma will knock you back on your track. Every pain that I caused came back to me. That caused me to fall into a depression and not love myself. I almost committed suicide twice. From that pain came the person you see today.

What are some of the steps you took to build self-worth?

I stopped running from my past issues. I dealt with childhood things that I hadn’t dealt with yet.
I took ownership of what I had become instead of running from it. And I stopped blaming others for my pain and masking my hurt.

What are the most common mistakes that couples searching for a strong relationship make?

They don’t spend enough time working on themselves to be mentally prepared for a relationship.
They don’t take enough ownership for what patterns they created in past relationships. They use the next person to get over the last person.

A breakup is a season of replenishment. Appreciate yourself, so you attract someone to appreciate you.


What are some ways that singles unknowingly sabotage the dating process?

A lot of singles have three people involved in their relationship. The couple and a third party; could be a best friend who’s feeding negative or improper information. Maybe they’re telling you to leave him, and that’s not good advice. Don’t listen to the outside voices.

Also, people who are tired of being alone will often settle. Don’t settle!

What are the key steps to establishing a strong foundation for a relationship?

If you’re single, one of the first steps is to make sure you’re mentally prepared for a successful relationship. Make sure you take ownership of everything in your life. Don’t project your pain onto your partner. Also, be sure to be one with yourself. Do not expect him to make you whole.

For men, put your ego aside. Men are raised to not be vulnerable, but it’s important to let emotions show. Your partner will be able to relate to this vulnerable side of you. Also, let your leadership show, and have a vision in place.

How does self-worth influence finding the right person?

I believe in the law of attraction. Relationships are more spiritual than physical. Whatever energy you give off will come back to you. If you’re always thinking about your last breakup, about your past pain, that’s what you’re going to attract back into your life. The person you attract will reflect your pain, and it will end up being two hurt people, causing a roller coaster of emotions and problems weighing each other down.

To get off that cycle, you have to appreciate and love yourself. If you can do that for yourself, you will attract a person who appreciates you.

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  1. It is a difficult thing to establish strong foundation in a relationship. This article is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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