How to Fail at Online Dating

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fail at online dating

This video will teach you how to fail at online dating. If you’re clever, you’ll figure out how to flip these tips and find love!

I post many videos and articles about how to find love online. What if instead of talking about online dating success, we talk about how to fail at online dating. These ten tips will guarantee you won’t find love online, which would be a shame. Because if you turn these tips around and do the opposite, you’ll definitely have online dating success!

10 Ways to Fail at Online Dating

  1. Post Bad Photos: Post pictures from twenty years ago, photos of you with a different haircut and color in each pic, photos from 30 pounds ago, pictures of you with all of your friends, with someone else’s dog, or blurry pictures from twenty feet away. They’ll never recognize you when they meet you!
  2. Complain a Lot: Write about everything you don’t want – no drama, no angry people, no narcissists, no married people, etc. Let them know what you hate so they’ll know you have standards!
  3. Be Sarcastic: Be snarky about who you are and what you’re looking for. People LOVE passive/aggressive humor. NOT!
  4. Don’t Complete Your Profile: Writing “I’ll get to this later” or “Just looking” as your entire profile speaks volumes about your commitment to finding love, doesn’t it?
  5. Overshare: Divulge your past relationship history, fears, or trauma within the first few texts. People love bonding over past pain!
  6. Discuss Religion, Politics and Sex: Start with the most controversial topics right out of the gate, because if they don’t love you for who you are, you don’t want to date them, right?
  7. Don’t Respond to Messages: You have messages in your inbox, but you’re not sure what to say, so ignore them. If they’re interested, they’ll pursue you!
  8. Don’t Tell People You’re Not a Good Match: Didn’t enjoy the first date? Just block and un-match. Who needs to communicate with kindness?
  9. Send One-Word Messages: Why waste energy on creating messages that take time. “Hey” “Hi” “Whasssup?” are great openers, especially since most people don’t respond anyway.
  10. Fight With People Who Aren’t Interested: It’s your job to convince them that they’re wrong for not giving you a chance. Tell them why they’re wrong. Call them names. Show them who’s boss!

Obviously, these tips are meant to show you how ineffective most people are online and motivate you to do the opposite, kind of like in the film “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, where the main characters fall in love by trying NOT to. If you’re struggling with online dating and want to learn my proven method for finding love online, sign up for my powerful course, Find Love Online After 40.

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