How to Find Love on Clubhouse

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love on clubhouse

The Clubhouse social media app is all the rage. Learn how to use the app to find love with my special guest, Ketan Anjaria!

My guest was featured in an article in Forbes by Francesca Hogi, entitled, People Are Already Falling In Love On Clubhouse, A Popular New Audio Social Media App. He was one of the Clubhouse members who found love while using the app. He joined me on video to talk about how he met her, and how you can benefit in so many ways from using the app, too.

Find Love On Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse launched in 2020, and it’s the fastest growing social media app. It’s audio only, which makes it a much more genuine way to connect and network with peers, influencers, and celebrities. But, that’s not all…

There’s a hidden benefit of Clubhouse: couples are meeting and falling in love. There’s even been a Clubhouse marriage and a Clubhouse baby! People are connecting romantically in rooms dedicated to matchmaking and dating, but they’re also meeting in regular rooms where they share a common interest.

How Ketan Found Love On Clubhouse

Ketan Anjaria, a 43-year-old Clubhouse user based in San Francisco agrees that voice is a key component to connecting on the app. “Audio requires you to listen. On Clubhouse if you aren’t a good listener, you won’t get far. Listening is key for connection, so dating on Clubhouse is almost a given because people feel heard.” Anjaria is currently single but has tried his hand at dating on the app. “I had a relationship this summer where I traveled from San Francisco to NYC for someone I met on Clubhouse. We met in a room one night and just started talking the next day on the phone. Clubhouse helped us both be more open and talk naturally, as other people were in the room.”

Forbes article, Fansesca Hogi

You’ll have to watch the video to find out with Ketan’s love interest. And if you want to connect deeply and are looking for an alternative to dating apps, check out this video and learn how you can find love on Clubhouse, too!

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