How to Get a Man to Ask You Out (in Real Life)

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Get a Man to Ask You Out

Tired of online dating? Try offline dating. My podcast guest, Camille Virginia, shows you how to get a man to ask you out…in real life!

My podcast guest, Camille Virginia, is the Founder of Master Offline Dating and author of The Offline Dating Method. She helps single women who are burned out with online dating gain the power to attract great men in the real world. Camille spent years pushing past her introverted nature to master the art of creating meaningful connections. In the process, she was asked out by hundreds of men in everyday places. She’s helped women across six continents unlock their attraction powers to create their own happily-ever-after without going online.

Check out highlights of EP 371: OFFLINE Dating With Camille Virginia – How to Get a Man to Ask You Out.

How to Get a Man to Ask You Out (in Real Life)

Why are so many people burned out with online dating?

People have let tech take over their lives. What we do with tech is in our control. It’s easy to be behind a screen all day, but you don’t have to. Online dating is also filled with harassment. Women love to be reminded that they have a choice not to go online.

What’s the benefit of meeting someone offline vs. online?

We have a need for connection. Online dating and apps can feel disheartening and dejecting. In the real world, there can be more respect and you can get a read on someone.

How do you meet someone offline, especially after 40?

Women are often afraid to talk to strangers, or they talk to a lot of strangers and don’t get a date. Take baby steps. Start by complimenting other women you meet, or asking an elderly man a question in the grocery store. You’ll reinforce that your fear is not real.

How do you steer the conversation towards having a man ask you out?

Every time you set foot outside your house, there’s a chance to meet someone. I once brought a clicker with me on the streets in Chicago, and after 45 minutes, I had passed 551 people!

When you start paying attention to the opportunities, they show up. They’re everywhere; Starbucks, public transportation, dry cleaning…engage people by asking a question and giving a compliment.

When you begin, don’t have the intention of getting a date, but of getting comfortable with people.

The next step is to have a meaningful conversation. Ask questions that you care about. Get curious. If you’re in a coffee shop and are pulled towards a man with a t-shirt of a band you like, ask about the band. Did he go to a concert? Does he have a wedding ring on? It’s okay. You’ve had your ice breaker!

If you want to continue, ask “How’s your day going?” Someone who’s open and available will keep talking.

If you have a thought, go for it. You’ll start to become fulfilled. Even if the person you meet is not right for you, it’s good practice. Let go of the outcome. You never know what will happen.

What’s one thing listeners can do in the next 24-hours to start tapping into offline dating opportunities?

Think about one thing you’re a little nervous and excited about. Start going places alone. It can be when you have existing plans with friends, and you show up twenty minutes early. It’s amazing what can happen with those twenty minutes. And remember…put your phone away.

Then, go to the next level outside your comfort zone. Work your way up to the scarier things.

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