How to Get a Man to Ask You Out

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How do you get a man to ask you out when you’re dating online and stuck in message hell? Watch this video to discover the best texts to send him!

You’re swiping right on a dating app, messaging someone, and the conversation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Why isn’t he asking for your number or asking you out? It can drive you crazy! In this video, I share a few great texts that will show you how to get a man to ask you out!

How to Get a Man to Ask You Out

In this video, I share several ways to get a man to ask you out.

  • Act like a human being. Be kind, no matter how frustrated you are.
  • Show him how his profile stood out to you. Pay him a compliment, such as, “You seem like one of the few people here who…___________.”

Send one of these texts to get him to call and ask you out:

The next time he asks you a question, you can say, “I can only tell you that over a drink.”

“Remind me to tell you the story about _________. It’s so much better told in person.”

“It’s been great talking to you. Let me know if you’d like to meet up/chat by phone.”

“Hey I’m busy at work this week and it’s hard for me to log onto the app. How do you feel about moving to a phone call?”

Or just simply, “How do you feel about moving to a phone call?”

Remember to be playful and keep it light. We never know why someone hasn’t escalated the messaging to a phone call and date. So, please don’t assume ill intent.

Speak up. Ask for what you want, and I’ll bet you’ll have much more success when dating online.

What are your favorite ways to get a guy to ask you out? Please leave a comment below!


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