How to Heal Childhood Wounds

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childhood wounds

It’s important to heal our childhood wounds to have healthy relationships. In this video, I explain the origin of our wounds and how to heal them.

Our childhood wounds carry on into our adulthood relationships unless we do the work to heal them. We are all the products of our downloaded love blueprint, which is influenced by how we experienced love by our caretakers. This includes whether we were able to receive and give love safely; whether we felt cherished for who we were, not only what we did. In this video, you’ll learn how to begin to heal from your childhood wounds.

How to Heal Childhood Wounds

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What’s a love blueprint?
  • How we can carry these messages into every relationship
  • The first step toward healing childhood wounds
  • Questions to ask yourself to begin to heal
  • What to do when triggered

When your date or partner’s behavior is upsetting you, ask yourself, “What is he doing that I don’t like? How does his behavior make me feel about myself?”

When you can clearly identify that feeling, ask yourself, “When is the first time I remember feeling this way? What happened? Who was I with? What did I need at the time to feel better but didn’t receive?”

See if you can give your younger self what she needed at the time but didn’t get. When you go through this process and access the core wound your current relationship is bringing up for you… you’ll resolve that important place within yourself that will have ripples effects in your relationship and life. And, when you clear this wound inside, you’ll have a new perspective to view your current triggering situation that will no longer be from the lens of your old wound. Then you can work together from a different place to meet each other in a way that’s in alignment for both of you.

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