How to Heal the Subconscious Blocks to Love

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blocks to love

When you heal your subconscious blocks to love, you attract in lasting love. Listen to this episode with Macy Matarazzo to learn more.

A girl of the ’70s, success for Macy Matarazzo was climbing the corporate ladder saying “I don’t need a man” (but wanting Prince Charming!), then finding herself in her 40’s alone, convinced that if love hasn’t just happened, she’s unlovable. That’s when she stopped “winging it”, and decided to do whatever it takes to figure out “love”. Before long, she married Larry, the perfect match. As she shared her story, others found love too. So she quit her 6 figure gig to help singles all over the world find the one using her signature SuperLOVED™ system.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Macy met and married in her 40s
  • Macy’s subconscious blocks to love
  • How to know if you have subconscious blocks
  • A powerful yet simple exercise to identify blocks and begin to heal them

How to Heal the Subconscious Blocks to Love

Share your love story.

I focused on making money and being a powerful woman who didn’t need a man. Deep down, I wanted love, and I thought it would just happen. And it didn’t!

I learned it takes consciousness to create a great relationship. I made having a relationship my priority. I realized I was worthy of love. I met my husband soon after that. 

What were your subconscious blocks to love?

I didn’t feel pretty enough or sexy enough. I felt I was too weird and too much. If that was true, I had to hide parts of myself to find love. That kept me from being myself and finding a good match. In my thirties, I became promiscuous thinking men would like me more if I’m very sexual.

How did you meet and marry your husband?

My limiting beliefs about myself became my strengths. I realized this was who I was. I got support and did inner work to be intimate with myself, which opened up a lot more space for a better relationship with myself and in three months, I met my husband. It was easy for us to be together.

How can someone know if they have a “subconscious block”? 

Look at what you’ve created in your life. Are you not creating what you want? Do you hate dating? There are likely some things getting in the way from what you want. Don’t judge yourself, but do look at what’s possible with changing.

I use a process called Regenerating Images and Memory. Our relationship stuff is established early on in life. Our beliefs come from our early experiences. That becomes the reality of our adult relationships. This process transforms those beliefs.

Can you share an exercise for overcoming limiting beliefs?

Be aware of this moment as a new beginning. Every time the mind chatter comes up that says you were wrong, you made a mistake, etc., stop. Become aware that was then, this is now. Now I’m choosing something greater in my love life. You don’t even have to know what it is. Be kind to yourself.

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