How to Know if He’s the One

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he's the one

Have you spent too much time with the wrong man? Are you confused about whether to stay or go? Check out these 5 surefire ways to know if he’s the one!

You’re dating a guy for six months, a year, two years. He’s handsome, kind, and he says he loves you. But…you’re not sure if he’s the one. He hasn’t introduced you to his family yet. He hasn’t worked in a few months. He’s always tired. You’re a Democrat and he’s a Republican. You’re a vegan, and he’s a carnivore. You take good care of your health, and he’s a couch potato. Which of these are deal breakers, and which are things you can work out?

In today’s video, I reveal five signs that he’s the one. 

How to Know if He’s the One

5 signs that he’s the one:

  1. There’s mutual attraction. Without chemistry, he’s just a friend. Attraction can grow from a small spark to a big one if the following four signs are also present.
  2. You bring out the best in each other. In a great relationship, you help each other shine and be your best. You support one another’s dreams and goals.
  3. You have mutual respect. Respect is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. You may have different opinions about many things, but you respect each others’ way of thinking.
  4. You share core values and world view. Know your core values and world views, and make sure you and your partner match in this area. If you don’t, there will be many areas of conflict.
  5. You have fun with each other. You laugh and enjoy each other’s company. You both find the same things funny.


Why do so many relationships fail?

Many times, we choose someone with our head and not our heart. We get involved with men who are emotionally unavailable, and we hope he’ll change. Or we never feel secure in the relationship, but we stay anyway.

When you choose a partner according to this checklist, your chance of success will skyrocket.

Watch the video to learn more, and hear a wonderful story about a client who was with the wrong man, and what she did to attract in the right man for her. Their first date almost didn’t happen. What she did may surprise you!

Have you ever dated someone you thought was the one, only to find out he wasn’t? How did you know? Please share your thoughts below!



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